pencil sketch cover for the 6th printing of 'Justice League' #1

When DC Comics cancelled and rebooted their entire line of comics this past August, it was an unheard of gamble in the industry. The company had been publishing some of its titles since the 1930s, but all of that history was scrapped with the idea of bringing in a new audience. It was also intended to fix the mountain of continuity issues that had built up over the decades.

In an industry where sales have been floundering in recent years, the relaunch was a gamble that could’ve gone either way. Now, here we are seven months later and DC’s grand risk seems to be paying off in spades. The first issue of the relaunched ‘Justice League’, written by Geoff Johns (‘Green Lantern: Rebirth’) and illustrated by Jim Lee (‘All-Star Batman and Robin’) originally hit comic shelves at the end of last July. Since then, it has sold out and gone back to press for reprints multiple times and was listed as Diamond Comic Distributors #1 selling comic of 2011.

Today, DC Universe: The Source has announced that ‘Justice League’ #1 will be getting an almost unheard of seventh printing! There’s no word yet on what art will be used for the new printing, but it will hit comic store shelves on March 21, 2012. So now is as good a time as any to catch up on the series before the second story arc begins with ‘Justice League’ #7.

In case you missed it, here’s my review for ‘Justice League’ #1.