Recently, we reported that new bios had been revealed on the website for the ‘Fantastic Four’ movie and a few new wrinkles caught fans’ eyes.  Among them was this description of Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards played in the new film by Miles Teller: “He can warp the space around him, and appear to stretch his body into impossible forms and incredible lengths.”

Super stretching is a fairly basic super powers and usually not much thought is given to scientific explanations.  (DC’s Elongated Man gets his stretching ability from drinking a particular juice that comes in a can like a mass manufactured soda.)  The idea that Mister Fantastic, in the film, employs space warping to “appear” to stretch at least attempts to offer some scientific basis for the somewhat goofy ability.

But of course everything ticks off comic book fans and an uproar arose over this tweak.  Producer/co-writer Simon Kinberg has since reacted in an attempt to calm some nerves by saying, “I think it was confusing.  I was a little confused by it myself. The intent was to try to explain the power with some sort of scientific explanation, but as you pointed out, most of his powers defy what we know about physics. The upshot of it is that he stretches in his movie. That is his power. That’s the simplest explanation.”

He went on to add, “There’s also the shot where his hand’s in a restraint, and the arm stretches in to get out of the restrain.  And there will be more as more materials come out, certainly. I would say that it is among the harder visual effects to render in a way that feels real and visceral and physical, like we want the powers to feel. But, yeah. He stretches. That’s what he does.”

So the answer is… all of the above?  He stretches, but there is some sort of scientific explanation about warping space?  Okay…

Fans seem to be slowly coming around where this new ‘Fantastic Four’ is concerned.  After some startling announcements early in production, after seeing some of the completed footage, some of the sharpened knives are being put away… or at least lowered until the movie arrives.

What do you think?  Does the scientific explanation make sense?  Does it even matter how he stretches?

Source: Hit Fix