Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish have been developing an Ant-Man movie since before Robert Downey Jr. discovered that he is actually Tony Stark in the first ‘Iron Man’ movie. There were no phases back then and the Avengers didn’t have a place on the list of highest grossing films of all time. So naturally when ‘Ant-Man’ was announced as the first film of Marvel’s Phase Three, a bit of work had to be done on the script. But while Wright was out promoting his latest film ‘The World’s End’, he revealed that the work has been completed on his comic book adaptation.

While speaking to Digital Spy, the director revealed that the reworking of ‘Ant-Man’ to fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been completed. Additionally, he expresses his gratitude to Marvel since they let him work on the final installment of the Cornetto Trilogy before talking the size-shifting hero:

“The script is all done, actually. I actually put Ant-Man on the back burner to make this film … they were actually really good, so far as ‘Okay, we’ll see you in two years.’ That character’s been around since 1962, so he’s not going anywhere. And the later we leave it, the better the special effects will be.”

With all the talk of ‘Doctor Strange’ and ‘Black Panther’, which aren’t even officially announced yet, it’s nice to hear an update on the only Phase Three film that is actually on the board. With this year’s San Diego Comic-Con coming up later this month, hopefully we’ll be seeing who else will occupy the Marvel Cinematic Universe after ‘The Avengers 2’ alongside Hank Pym. (Or Scott Lang. Or Eric O’Grady? They never really specified which one would be the star yet, but hopefully we find out soon.)

‘Ant-Man’ is scheduled for a theatrical release on November 6, 2015.