Honestly, I’d never thought about it, but DAMN I love the “love interests” in Marvel’s super hero movies!  Pepper Potts?!  Hell yeah!  Jane Foster?!  Adorable!  Peggy Carter?!  Divine!

They may take a backseat to their male leads, but finally, one is stepping into the spotlight.  Hayley Atwell will make an appearance as an aged Peggy Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but she’s also headlining her own short, set after Cap is presumed dead, as a member of the SSR, the fictionalized version of the OSS, the precursors of the CIA.  In the short, she is hunting down Zodiac, which has had several definitions in the Marvel Comics continuity.

I felt the most chemistry between Atwell and Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers as opposed to the other Marvel couple, no offense.  Theirs seems the sweetest love story.  And Atwell’s Peggy Carter was a pure delight.  I’m thrilled to see her role expanded beyond the aged, lovestruck version from ‘Winter Soldier’.  The short will also feature Dominic Cooper, reprising his role as Howard Stark, the father of Tony.

Now all we need is a badass lady to HEADLINE a super hero movie!  Captain Marvel?  Storm?  The Wasp?  She-Hulk?  Misty Knight/Colleen Wing?  Hell, give Black Widow her own movie?  People already know who she is!  Or Sif?  Honestly, I’d pay good money to see ‘Pepper Potts: The Movie’!  Marvel, you’re making a movie starring a talking raccoon and a giant sentient tree!  Make a woman a lead in one of your movies!

What do you think?  Are you interested in Agent Carter?  Which Marvel lady do you want to see in live action?  Comment below!