Back in February, had the incredible opportunity to speak to the iconic Stan Lee about life, comics and what’s in store for the future. A couple days ago, we posted Part 1 of our interview, and today, we have the second of our three part exclusive.

In Part 2, the Generalissimo speaks about what Marvel movies he’s looking forward to and his thoughts about the comic book industry.

While it’s already known that ‘Ant-Man’ and ‘Doctor Strange’ is on the Marvel docket, Lee mentions that he’s “waiting for the Black Panther” to be made and that “Marvel is taking every popular character we have, and figuring out how to do a movie.”  So it seems, Marvel comic fans, there may be a film version of your favorite superhero (whomever that may be) coming to the big screen.

We ended this segment talking about the exodus of comic book creators leaving the big companies (such as Greg Rucka and Rob Liefeld) and his thoughts about the future of printed comic books.

Check out Part 2 of our interview below!