There is a lot of curiosity right now about Sony’s expanded Spidey-universe (you know, the one WITHOUT Spider-Man since he is in the MCU now) and how that is all going to shape up, with one of the more intriguing films that is set to begin filming soon is ‘Morbius.’ For those not in the know, Michael Morbius is one of Spider-Man’s enemies/ antiheroes who did not start out that way (as often happens), but was instead a genetic scientist. After an experiment gone wrong turned himself into a living vampire due to Bat DNA (or some comic-book book scientific logic), he now tries to control his lust for blood and instead only prey on criminals. Now they are making a movie based on this idea, with Daniel Espinosa directing, Jared Leto said to star in the title role, and the question has become who will be the main female character in the film.

Thanks to That HashTag Show, we now know the filmmakers plan on using the character of Martine Bancroft as the female lead, a woman long-time comic fans may remember as she has been around since her introduction in 1971’s The Amazing Spider-Man #102. She is best known as Morbius’s fiance and one of his earliest victims who also becomes a vampire. Her story is one of many deaths and resurrections, though she has enough connections to other characters in the Spidey canon that she could be a useful player for connecting all the different movies should ‘Morbius’ prove successful and they move forward with a sequel or a team-up movie.

At this point, we still have no idea who will be playing Martine, but they are sure to figure it out soon as it is rumored that Espinosa plans to start shooting this November, which means they only have a few months to get the rest of the casting done. Check back here for more information as it develops!