Late last month Vin Diesel had announced that he was was planning on meeting with Marvel at their request. Instantly rumors were aplenty on what The House of Ideas had in mind with him. While Drax the Destroyer was already off the table, the general rumor was that he might be up for a Guardians of the Galaxy role.

As most of those have now been announced what exactly could Vin Diesel actually be up to? Do they have him lined up as a hero or villain?

Well, the meeting was yesterday and soon after, Vin Diesel posted this photo and status on his Facebook page:

No direct answers there, now are there?. However if you mix in a certain image he also posted with that:

With these two put together you can easily jump to a few conclusions. First off he’s standing in front of a framed image of the cover of ‘The Avengers #2’ so it may be a subtle hint that he’s looking to be introduced in the second Avengers film. Who might he be playing? Do note that he said he gets ‘tunnel vision‘ while working. Could this be a subtle hint they are looking to introduce either The Vision, Ultron, or both? Could Vin Diesel be setting himself up to be playing one of the 2 most famous androids in the Marvel universe?

For those not in the know, Ultron is an AI that Henry Pym (of the upcoming Ant Man movie) makes who ends up wanting to kill all of mankind. The Vision is the android that Ultron makes as a helper who eventually learns humanity and joins The Avengers. With how major of a villain Ultron is, it seems unlikely to have him show up first in the ‘Ant Man’ film and then later evolve into the main enemy in ‘The Avengers 2’. Speaking of Ant Man, he hasn’t been cast either, so I don’t see Vin Diesel really fitting that role.

So to answer the question, we still don’t really know why Vin Diesel was at Marvel. We do have a couple solid clues to start making educated guesses from and hopefully we’ll be hearing the exact details soon. Love him or hate him, Vin Diesel always brings an interesting screen presence and I, for one, am eagerly hoping to see him show up in the Marvel cinematic universe.

Do you think this is a lead in on who Vin Diesel is playing? Would he make a good Vision (or Ultron for that matter?) Or are we over reaching and does Marvel have something else in mind entirely?