With this issue of Wonder Woman, we finally get to the climax of the Zola’s baby epic, as Diana– aided by Ares the god of war and Orion– confronts first the treacherous Hermes, then Demeter.

Elsewhere, Zeus’ first born must battle Poseidon.

This run on Wonder Woman has been very controversial, marred by outcries against the deaths of the Amazons, the revelation that those same warriors routinely raped then murdered sailors to make babies, the outright change to Diana’s origin… I’ve held out until now hoping that ultimately the story would at least deliver some satisfying resolution.  It doesn’t.  I’m so disappointed in this book.

First of all, while I haven’t loved Goran Sudzuka’s art in the past, I found it bearable, but here, it’s downright ugly in places.  Regular penciler Cliff Chian pops up to draw the last few pages at least.

But artwork aside, this issue just didn’t read well.  The fight scenes were kind of unclear.  Last issue, Orion slapped Wonder Woman’s ass which some found degrading.  Well, here not once but twice Wonder Woman can’t even save herself or the day!  In one instance Orion saves her and in the other Ares is the real hero, leaving Diana to return home feeling like a failure.  It’s HER book!  Let HER save the day, not someone else!  Some guest-star!  Did no one think of that?

Oh I’ll keep reading.  Wonder Woman  has had some crappy runs in the past and I kept reading.  But this book really needs a fresh start.  This one storyline meandered for nearly two years only to end poorly.  I’m ready for a new beginning.


Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Goran Sudzuka with Cliff Chiang
Cover by Cliff Chiang