While the events have been brewing in the pages of X-Treme X-Men, Age of Apocalypse, and Astonishing X-Men, X-Termination has finally arrived. Don’t let the beautiful cover fool you though, there isn’t a lot of ‘actual’ action that’ll be happening in the pages of this book. Mostly it’ll be full of good old fashioned build up, much like any first issue of a Marvel major crossover these days.

Previously in X-Force, the Nightcrawler from Age of Apocalypse came to our reality and in order to enact revenge on Wolverine. In Astonishing X-Men, Logan has taken the team and are tracking Nightcrawler down. He feels that aside from the betrayal of trust that he is still responsible for any of Kurt’s actions in their world so they have to find a way to bring him in. What they don’t realize is that Kurt has found another traveler from the Age of Apocalypse – Dark Beast.

Most of the comic is framed through Kurt’s point of view as they form a plan to use the Sleeping Celestial to transport themselves to their own home world.

Things don’t work to well though and while they are able to get through it’s weakened the fabric of reality. While Dark Beast and Kurk have broken through, there was a Independence from The Astonishing X-Men and the doorway was stuck open behind them. The X-Men burst onto the scene just in time to meet with those who are currently in charge of the Age of Apocalypse era.

The lines between the Marvel Universes have grown weak due to the actions of Evil Xaviers in the pages of X-Treme X-Men. They’ve discovered a group of 3 beings who strongly resemble Celestials though are clearly of a more destructive nature that were trapped in between the Universes. As they desperately try to escape from these creatures they jump to another Universe which just happens to be the Age of Apocalypse and also right where our current set of heroes are standing.

I’m unsure how Wolverine and Dazzler both know they are the from the same universe but it’s implied with how they interact. For the world ending event that looks like it’s beginning the 3 sets of X-Heroes are all rather calm and seem to be standing around more then prepping for a war.

This set of crossovers are going to be bring a close to both the Age of Apocalypse and X-Treme X-Men story lines. While X-Treme X-Men was only ever meant to be a limited run from it’s concept I will be very sad to see closure fall upon the Age of Apocalypse. I hope they bring closure to these books in a way that properly do them all justice.

I’ll admit that I loved that most of this issue was framed through the perspective of Kurt. They did it in a way that truly made you feel for the character. Even with his betrayal against fan favorite Wolverine they paint his motives that anyone can sympathize with. While I can’t say I know for sure what they are doing with this Kurt if they could find a good reason for him to survive in 616 or have him sacrifice himself to save everyone I believe that will be the 2 ideal choices of how to use him through the end of the crossover.

Writers: Marjorie Liu, Greg Pak, David Lapham
Artist: David Lopez