From the creators of series ‘Marvel Superheroes: What The-?!’ comes a brand new show featuring a team of unsung heroes called ‘All-Winners Squad’. Featuring the all star line up of Howard the Duck, Squirrel Girl, Hypno Hustler, Ruby Tuesday, Frog Man, the Walrus, and the Unicorn… Wait… Really?

Ok, so maybe these aren’t the most popular Marvel characters, but ‘All-Winners Squad’ assembles these oddball cult favorites for an Adult Swim-esque animated series. Unable to make an impact on they’re own, they’re looking to “break free from comic book pages and obscure corners of the Internet, spreading their unbridled awesomeness to fans everywhere.”

The original All-Winners Squad was a Golden Age team from Marvel predecessor Timely Comics featuring members of The Invaders and The Liberty Legion such as Captain America, Bucky, the Sub-Mariner, Miss America, and the Whizzer, but this new incarnation of the team has absolutely nothing to do with those classic heroes.

‘The Avengers’ it is not, but I have a feeling those fans of Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and ‘Archer’ on Comedy Central will find something they like with ‘All-Winners Squad’. Check out the first episode of below, courtesy of Comic Book Movie:

‘All-Winners Squad’ is the first product of a partnership between Marvel and the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA). If you liked the first episode, then you’ll be very pleased to know that NECA and Marvel have plans for merchandise such as toys, apparel, and collectibles. Keep an eye out for that limited edition Frog Man bust coming to a comic shop near you!