Showrunner Ryan Murphy has been saying all along that Season 2 of ‘American Horror Story’ will be very different than the first. Although some of the actors are returning for this season, they will be leaving behind the roles they originally starred in. Another thing that Murphy will be leaving behind in Season 1 is the appearance of ghosts.

Season 1 of ‘American Horror Story’ was a season filled with apparitions who roamed the halls of Murder House but with this new “reboot” of the series, there is a whole new set of characters, a whole new setting, a whole new time period and a whole new reason for the horror.

Murphy told TV Guide that this season will contain no ghosts. “I think the story is horrifying,” he explains, “The story is a period piece in a mental institution based largely on truth and truth is always scarier than fiction.”

What!? No ghosts? But that’s what made last season so mind blowing!

So now we’re left to imagine what horror can come from the minds of the writers out of the mental institute. Since the supernatural involves more than ghosts and vengeful spirits, imaging the types of psychological terror that could be involved has my mind spinning!

So what horrors do you think Murphy has in store for Season 2?