With superhero movies now on the rise, it looks like both DC and Marvel are going into their vaults to see what other characters can come to the big screen. Since it seems as though the major players are either already taken or in the process of a movie of their own, the studios are now looking at lesser known heroes put into movie development. This is the case with ‘The Human Fly.’

‘The Human Fly’ will be based on a 19 issue comic run that ran from 1977 to 1979. During that time, he had a few run-ins with other Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man and Daredevil.  Now for all you comic book aficionados out there, you already know there are two Human Flies in the Marvel universe, one hero and one villain. If that wasn’t confusing enough, Spider-Man even thought that the superhero Human Fly was the villain one and hence their story arc.

The one who’s getting the movie treatment is the superhero who was severely injured in a car crash and had his skeleton replaced by steel (a la Wolverine). He then decided to don a mask and become the Human Fly where he would perform daredevil stunts to benefit charities, especially those that helped children with disabilities. While performing at these charitable events, he would foil criminals who would try to rob those charities. The comic series at the time had the tagline “The Wildest Super-Hero Ever — Because He’s Real!” and states that the series was based on real life stuntman Rick Rojatt.

The rights to ‘The Human Fly’ were acquired by Alan Brewer and Steven Goldman who are currently developing the project. A script has already been written by Cirque Du Soleil’s in house historian, Tony Babinski, and the film will be produced by Brewer along with James Reach with Goldman poised to direct. This movie will probably not have the big screen adaptation as its superhero cohorts are it is being funded by private–equity sources.

As superheroes go, ‘The Human Fly’ doesn’t sound too exciting but hopefully with a good script and direction, I could be proven wrong.

Source: Deadline