skull-island-the-birth-of-kongArt from the human inhabitants of ‘Kong: Skull Island‘ taught us a bit of the history of the King and now the prequel comic ‘Skull Island: Birth of Kong’ is going to expand on that story. This comic is clearly set to expand on the hit film, and while I would have preferred a prequel starring John C. Reilly‘s Hank Marlow character, I have high hopes that this will end up being an enjoyable read. The book is technically a sequel to the film as we see a team from Monarch venturing to Skull Island to learn about Kong’s past though it is this story about the past that is front and center throughout the book.

So don’t expect any real ties to the greater Monsterverse unless we get a tease before this new team leaves for the island.

Clearly, the focus will be on Kong, but the book also plans to show the “otherworldly ecosystem of deadly new creatures” on Skull Island. The idea for the book is primarily to show how Kong became the last of his species in an expanded version of the short form that we heard in the movie.

You can check out the trailer for ‘Skull Island: The Birth of Kong’ below!

I love that the concept here is to take Monarch and stick them back into the thick of things, even if only to a limited extent. I suspect that they’ll have a better understanding of what is going on then what has been revealed.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Skull Island: The Birth of Kong?’ What are your thoughts on seeing multiple Kong’s running around on page? Share your thoughts below!


After 2014’s Godzilla and this year’s Kong: Skull Island, Legendary, and Warner Bros.’ MonsterVerse continues in the comic book world with Skull Island: The Birth of Kong, a new monthly series that delves deeper into the mysteries of Skull Island and the mythic origins of Kong.

Both a sequel and a prequel to the film, the story tells of a secret team of Monarch operatives returning to Skull Island to discover the truth behind Kong and the island he was born to protect. In doing so, they unlock an ancient history of monster conflict, witness the primal war between Kong and an otherworldly ecosystem of deadly new creatures, and finally reveal how this lonely god became the last of his kind. Featuring new monsters and previously unseen Skull Island locations, the book gives fans a chance to see how Kong has evolved since the events of the film.

‘Skull Island: The Birth of Kong’ will be smashing into comic shops everywhere tomorrow, April 12th, 2017!

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