Earlier this month, Latino Review, who seems to properly have their pulse on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, revealed that one of the unannounced Marvel movies for 2014 will be ‘The Black Panther’, and ever since then, there’s been a lot of speculation as to who would be wearing the crown and claws of the King of Wakanda. Actors have been throwing their names in the hat as well. ‘Leverage’ star Aldis Hodge stated in an interview earlier this week that he’d love to play the part. Now, ‘Cabin in the Woods’ actor Brian J. White and Romeo Miller, who used to go by the stage name Lil’ Romeo, are throwing their names into the mix as well.

Brian J. White

In response to a fan on Twitter, White said to a fan that he “would love to work with Marvel” after a fan suggested that he play T’Challa. However, this isn’t the first Marvel hero that White has been eyeing up. Back in 2009 when ‘Iron Man’ came out, he told Movieline (via CBM) that he’s interested in Luke Cage. On playing the former Power Man, but also speaking on playing any Marvel hero, the actor said:

“I think I have the skill-set. Like Iron Man, you have to be able to handle drama and comedy; you have to have the physique to be able to take off your shirt; you have to have a certain statue – if you’re 5’8 it doesn’t really work so well, unless it’s a small superhero – and you have to have a certain athletic ability. That’s what I’m angling towards. These are $150 million movies, so I’m trying to pay my dues, and do the work, so that I might get a look-in.”

Romeo Miller

As for Miller, while talking with BlackFilm.com (via CBM), the former star of Nickelodeon’s ‘Romeo!’ and son of rapper Master P said that he would love to take up the Panther mantle as well. In the interview, he said:

“I remember that before Jumping the Broom got released, there were some producers were talking about shopping the script to some people and I was one of the people they contacted and was asked if it was something I would be interested in. You never know. I definitely want to take in and be the next big action hero. That may be something that’s cool.”

In my opinion, both men are too young to play T’Challa. I see the Black Panther as a learned and experienced individual and a mighty warrior, and neither actor has that look. Even if Marvel decides to go with T’Challa as a prince in the movie, then eventually becoming the king, Miller is still too young. The perfect casting choice for me is Chiwetel Ejiofor. My evidence is his role as The Operative in ‘Serenity’. Yeah, that dude could definitely be the Black Panther.

What actors do you think have the goods to play The Black Panther in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let’s hear your casting recommendations below in the comments section!