While we know that ‘Batman vs. Superman’ has been pushed back to 2016 and will be the introduction to the ‘Justice League‘ (which director Zack Snyder is also attached to), there is still a lot that we don’t know about the film. What we now know is that not only will there be a Batmobile but we’ve got the first look of it (or at least a tease) to share with you!

While we have no idea if the Batmobile will actively be used in the sequel to ‘Man of Steel‘ or if it’s just being shown in the background of a certain Batcave, there is a good chance we’ll see it on screen for more than just a quick shot. Will Bruce be racing or chasing Clark with it? I have a feeling that would be more of a job for something that could fly which logically makes us all wonder if we’re going to see some form of the Batplane (or Batwing as it has been more recently known as.) With ‘Batman vs. Superman’ and ‘Justice League’ quite possibly filming back-to-back there is a chance that this isn’t the only time we’ll be seeing it in use either!

Check out the teaser from Snyder’s Twitter:

So that looks like we might be getting the full view of the new batmobile tomorrow! Will we have a chance to see it or will it just be pulled off for filming and this is the ultimate tease? We’ll find out tomorrow but in the meantime here is a larger image of the tease to enjoy!

Are you starting to get excited about the upcoming ‘Batman vs. Superman’ movie? Do you think we’re finally about to see some costume reveals in the near future? Share your thoughts below!