Ridley Scott’s ‘Prometheus’ used a lot of viral marketing in the promotion of the film. Well, it seems that that isn’t over, despite the film having been in theaters for the past three weeks.

A new page has popped up online over at ProjectPrometheus.com. The new “careers” page now features a video (and open slots for two more). The first video features a Weyland Corporation nanotechnologist called Jamie Rossi who talks a bit about her career at Weyland and the Luna Facility.

Project Prometheus Recruitment Video:

The ProjectPrometheus.com careers page also has place holders for two more videos which we can assume will arrive soon. But more interesting is that tagline at the end of the Jamie Rossi video links to http://www.projectprometheus.com/sdcc/ and it mentions that Weyland Industries will be recruiting at San Diego Comic Con.

So what does the ‘Prometheus’ gang have planned for SDCC? I guess we’ll find out as those other two videos come live between now and the when the Con actually happens on July 12-15th.

What do you think Weyland could have planned for Con goers? Are you going to the con? If so, drop us a comment and let us know!