We really haven’t covered much about the Jim Jarmusch (‘Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai,’ ‘Dead Man’) directed film ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ but Deadline is reporting some news that tells us that the project is still moving along in development. It looks like Anton Yelchin has just signed on to co-star in the movie.

Yelchin has just finished a stint reprising his role as Pavel Chekov in the latest ‘Star Trek’ sequel that is still untitled but many also know him from his roles in ‘Fright Night’ and ‘Terminator Salvation.’ He will be seen next starring in the film adaptation of the Dean Koontz novel ‘Odd Thomas’ about a short order cook who has clairvoyant abilities and one day meets a mysterious man with a link to dark threatening forces.

Anton Yelchin will be joining the cast which includes John Hurt (‘Immortals,’ ‘Harry Potter’ movies among many many more), Tilda Swinton (‘Chronicles of Narnia’ movies, ‘ ‘Snowpiercer,’ ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ to name a few), Mia Wasikowska (‘Alice in Wonderland,’ ‘Albert Nobbs’) and Tom Hiddleston (‘Thor,’ ‘The Avengers,’).  And just for you trivia buffs, Hiddleston is taking on the role that was originally given to Michael Fassbender who had to bow out of the film.

Not a lot is known about ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ beyond the description that it’s a horror drama about “an unusual love story between two vampires who have been in love for centuries.” Jarmusch himself describes the film as a “cryto-vampire love story set against the romantic desolation of Detroit and Tangiers.”