'Voodoo' #0

Previously, DC Comics announced that they would be releasing 52 zero issues in September to tie up the loose ends and finally answer some origin-related questions that plagued fans since the launch of the New 52. In addition, the company announced that four new titles ‘Talon’, ‘Sword and Sorcery’, ‘Team Seven’, and ‘The Phantom Stranger’ would be added to the line, which meant that four titles would be discontinued to maintain 52 DC books on the shelves. ‘Justice League International’ was the only ending title announced prior to today, but now we can reveal that ‘Captain Atom’, ‘Resurrection Man’, and ‘Voodoo’ will be the other three titles that will be cancelled after their zero issues.

Speaking of cancelled issues, the solicitations (via CBR) reveal that ‘DC Universe Presents’ #0 will feature Blackhawks’ Mother Machine, Hawk and Dove, Mister Terrific, and O.M.A.C., characters whose books were done away with during the first wave of New 52 cancellations. While those characters get the zero issue treatment, there’s no sign of Static or the characters from ‘Men of War’, two other titles that we discontinued back in May. Still, even though they may not be making appearances now, DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has said that “if a series does go away, we want to make sure we have a proper place for the characters,” so we should be seeing them again in some capacity in the future.

'Green Lantern' #0

DC isn’t only in the business of axing characters (temporarily), but they are also in the game of introducing characters. Over in ‘Green Lantern’ #0 written by Geoff Johns, it appears that the mysterious new Lantern from DC’s Free Comic Book Day book will be put into the spotlight. The character is featured on the cover of the upcoming issue wielding his power ring, a pistol, and an Arabic tattoo that translates to “courage” according to CBR.  An Arab Green Lantern certainly adds more diversity to the Green Lantern Corps and the DC Universe as whole, which is what the company was looking to do with this reboot. DiDio had this to say about the importance of diversity in the DCU:

“Everything that we’re building on in the DC Universe and in the New 52 is focused on having a contemporary feel that reflects the depth and breadth of our audience. We want to be as diversified as our audience is and as the world we live in is.”

Finally, we have more covers from the zero issues coming in September courtesy of CBM. Below you can see the covers for ‘Earth 2’ and ‘World’s Finest’, along with descriptions of what will be contained between the covers.

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