When I was approached to review Mark Millar’s new and improved CLiNT magazine, I was expecting it to essentially be the Mark Millar newsletter. In essence, that is what it was, because of all the updates on his movie projects and all the different comic books that he’s involved in, but it also had something unique about it. To me, it was like a comic book mixtape compiled by Millar himself with stuff that he made and some stuff that he thought was just cool.

Prior to reading this magazine, the only book of Millar’s that I had read was ‘Nemesis’ and, of course, I had seen ‘Kick-Ass’ in theaters, in addition to loving what he did with ‘Civil War’ and ‘Old Man Logan’, so I was familiar with his body of work. Because of the way this magazine is laid out, fans like me who aren’t totally up to date on the Millarverse can check out little snippets of each book to sample what’s good and what isn’t so good. Just like any good mixtape. You get a little bit of what you already know and like, which was the Millar stuff, then there’s a little bit of unfamiliar, yet appealing, like ‘Death Sentence’ and ‘Lenore’, and finally, there’s one or two things that you end up skipping each time you give it a listen, like ‘Rex Royd’.

Some of my favorite tracks, so to speak, were the ‘Supercrooks’ and the ‘Death Sentence’ comic strips. ‘Secret Service’, a title that Millar collaborated on with superstar artist Dave Gibbons, was pretty cool too. I also liked all the updates on the movies that Millar has in the works. Seeing as I knew nothing about ‘Supercrooks’ prior to this, I’m glad to hear that it’s being fast-tracked for a theatrical release. It’s a very cinematic story that will lend itself nicely to the medium.

As a whole, I enjoyed the content of the magazine and the strips that I enjoyed have me intrigued enough to come back for more. If I had the money, I’d take advantage of the special offer that takes 20% off the cover price with a subscription, plus a free signed Dave Gibbons ‘Secret Service’ art card. If that’s something you’re interested in, you can go to their website to look into it, but I’ll probably just pick up the next one at the comic shop.

Verdict: Buy