And you thought Michael Keaton’s Batman armor looked hard to move in!

SDCC had a preview night on Wednesday and members of the press were given access to the floor . News is starting to trickle out and among the first surprises is Ben Affleck‘s Batman battle armor as worn in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.’

Check out these images:

This isn’t Batman’s day-to-day (er, night-to-night) Batsuit, which we have already seen.  This armor is clearly drawn heavily from Frank Miller’s design from the groundbreaking graphic novel ‘The Dark Knight Returns,’ a futuristic tale featuring older versions of DC’s iconic heroes and villains and one of the most memorable scenes was the battle between Batman and political stooge Superman.

Personally, I’m torn on this look, but it may look better in motion in the actual film.  As it is, it looks like it weighs a few tons, especially the last gauntlet shot next to the Wonder Woman mannequin, which accentuates the chunky, heaviness.  Obviously Batman needs a lot of protection if he’s facing off against Superman, but he might also need to factor in what would happen if he needed to run away.

In the second picture, with the mannequin back-to-back with the Superman one, the red cape casts a bit of an illusion which brings to mind Steel, John Henry Irons, Superman’s armor-plated ally.

Stay tuned for more SDCC news as it breaks!

What do you think of this armored look for Batman?  Are you excited to see Affleck wear this on the big screen?

Source: Collider