Previously on Eureka…
Senator Wen is ordering folks around, Allison thinks they should move in together, Jo needs to figure out what SHE wants, Zane will be thinking about her, Taggart wishes Jo safe travels on her walk-about, Henry realizes someone else is controlling the launch, Allison scrambles to find a seat, POOF Astraeus disappears, Astraeus crashes, creepy Andy in a suit welcomes everyone home, Jenna is very pleased to meet Allison, Jack kisses Jo (UGH), Allison can’t take Jo from Jenna, Allison is crying in a big glowing blue bed, Beverly practically cackles over her wicked plan.

Here there be SPOILERS….

Speaking of wicked plan – Beverly is discussing her achievements with some suits on video chat. She assures them she has everything under control and nothing can go wrong. Sure Beverly, you keep thinking that. In real time, the Astraeus crew has been missing from Eureka for a month, but in the virtual word, they’ve been working much longer. Meanwhile, the discoveries they make are being tracked, recorded and stolen by Beverly and her henchmen. So far they’ve made advances in biotech, engineering and weaponry. The big glowing blue beds are a super computer that able to make tiny adjustments to the virtual world so it can be sustained indefinitely. Beverly has also set the simulation in the future to cover any inconsistencies that may arise. This truly is a diabolic plan! We all know what happens to diabolical plans on Eureka.

Jump back in time to the moment Jack tries to stop Astraeus from leaving by pulling the perfect Jack move – smash it till it works – but this too is only a simulation. Jack is beside himself with worry and grief so he keeps watching the event over and over trying to find something they missed. Henry gives Jack the boot and reminds him he has to take care of those left behind, namely Kevin and Jenna.

Jo is sitting on a rock. In lotus, she tries to find zen. And then her car gets towed. She tries to talk the cop out of it, but the cop hands her the number for a cab company instead – too cold. Jo’s just a bit ticked, “no cell phones on walk-about.” I’m thinking this walk-about is not turning out to be what she expected.

Andy (happy, nice, sweet Andy, not the one in the suit) interrupts Jack and Kevin having lunch with the news that the D.O.D. has officially called off the search for the Astraeus. Jack looks like he’s going to cry while Kevin goes ballistic.

Back at the glowing blue bunker – Allison and Jenna are playing UNO at the virtual Carpe Diem. Grace comes in to steal Allison away for yet another project at GD.  Introducing our first glitch in the matrix– Vincent walks right through the seemingly solid counter and Allison witnesses it. Meanwhile outside in the real world, it seems the super computer was built to only handle 20 people. Allison’s unexpected visit is overloading the system. Unfortunately for team evil, they don’t have the authority to deviate the plan so they have to deal with the glitch.

Senator Wen is pulling all of the search resources (This all seems just a wee bit too soon to me. It’s only been a month. There’s a crap load of data to sort through to figure out what went wrong!) and wants Jack to prepare for the fact that the Astraeus crew is not coming back and he needs to get back to the problems at hand – like Dr. Fung’s stolen equipment. He’s missing deep space listening devices. Doesn’t take a physicist to know who took it. Kevin’s hurt so he’d do anything to find his mom. He has an idea and wants one more chance to prove it. Jack doesn’t give it to him.

Allison and Jo are reminiscing and comparing kid notes over the rats and iguanas (much to Allison’s dismay).  Things can go wrong even in a virtual Eureka. You talk about dragons you’re going to get a dragon… coming down the hall. Time to run! (Back in big-glowing-blue-bedland, the mega computer is glitching again – this time its cycling independently. In order to fix things Beverly wants the techs to figure out a way that the crew would realistically handle a real dragon.) Jack wants to kill it, “We can’t have it doing fly-bys over Portland airport”while Fargo wants to trap it. He suggests a sub-particle net but Allison doesn’t think they can get one operational in time. (Beverly wants the tech on that net so she orders her henchmen to make it so.)

Jo’s walk-about has taken her back to her childhood home. She’s met by one seriously crank old bitty that’s got a message for her. Jo’s excited. She’s finally going to learn something on this journey. Old cantankerous returns with a mitt full of messages from Carter! “Don’t you have a cell phone?!” Jo, “you don’t bring a cell phone on walk-about!”

Henry is at Jack’s going over Kevin’s work. He thinks Kevin found something! They may actually be able to track the Astraeus. When the town finds out the help just starts pouring in! Folks are bringing in all the items needed to complete Kevin’s device.

Allison, Jack and Holly run into the dragon in the woods. Holly and Allison see the dragon go all matrix so they figure it’s not real. The scratches it drops on Holly convince her otherwise.

Jack and Andy (the REAL nice happy Andy we love) break into a heavily fortified someplace to steal the last item on Kevin’s building list. It wouldn’t be a mission if Jack didn’t get zapped a few times too many. They think they’ve gotten away with the crime until Senator Wen shows up at the Sherriff station arresting them both.

Andy tries his hardest to have a heart-to-heart with Jack, “Listen Boss. There has to be a moment when you give up hope. When you forget what up there and you focus on what’s down here.” You would think Jack was going to kiss the android! They’ve been searching the sky when what they need to be doing is searching the earth! Just as all hope looks lost – Andy can’t break them out of the jail – Jo shows up! Perfect timing Jo! Time to save the day!

Kevin and Henry are busy building. As they turn the blue beam to the sky they find nothing.  Jack gets them to point the beam down and they have a lock! Senator Wen is about to arrest them all but decides to help instead.

Zane, Allison, Jack and Jo are hunting a dragon in the woods. This is a bit too tense and it has nothing to do with the dragon.

Beverly gets a call tipping her off about the approach of Jack and Senator Wen’s soldiers. Our heroes find the Astraeus and the big glowing blue beds but all of the people are gone, including the captured crew.  Why leave the ship and take the crew?

Jack goes back to GD and watches the simulation of the Astraeus event again.  This time sees Senator Wen smiling. He realizes he told her everything.

The construct is deteriorating. Grace is questioning the actions of Henry. Holly and Allison saw the dragon wink out to a grid. Allison saw Vincent walk through a counter. Now Holly’s dragon cuts disappear and reappear. In a total geek girl DIVA Holly finally figures it out. She realizes they are all trapped in a super computer construct. Senator Wen won’t stand for it so she begins disconnecting Holly. From the alarms going off I’m guessing that’s not the correct way to do it.  Beverly tries to stop her but Wen’s superior evil prevails, “You said 21 was a problem. Now you have 20. Get back to work. Please dispose of Dr. Marten, respectfully and securely.” Oh My God! You killed Felica! You bastard!

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