It looks like it will be a star studded season when ‘American Horror Story’ returns for season 2 in the fall! Deadline is reporting that the producers have just signed on Oscar and Emmy nominated actor James Cromwell to join the horror anthology.

Cromwell is a very familiar face in the industry and sci-fi fans starring in ‘Spiderman 3’, ‘I, Robot’ and ‘Star Trek: First Contact’. His role on ‘American Horror Story’ was one of the last roles to be cast and he’ll be playing the foil to Jessica Lange’s character!

As we’ve already learned, the upcoming season will have nothing to do with the first season of the series to the point that it is even taking place in another time period. It will also be set in an institute for the criminally insane that will be run by Jessica Lange. Cromwell will be playing Dr. Arden who works under Jessica Lange’s character and will go head-to-head with her. He will be featured in 10 of the 13 episodes in season 2.

So it looks like the cast is complete with Jessica Lange having a handful of people already set against her. Along with Dr. Arden (Cromwell), Lange’s character will also have to deal with Shelly the nymphomaniac played by Chloe Sevigny and the “fierce, ferocious and sexy” Gia, played by Lizzie Brochere.  No word yet on how Adam Levine’s character fits in with all of this or if his sexy lover (who is yet to be cast) will be an inmate also. And although Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Lily Rabe have signed on a few months ago, the producers are still keeping mum about who they’ll play.

The cast line up already has me excited about the series. Production isn’t set to begin until July with the first episode airing in October. Hopefully more information will emerge soon once filming on the series starts so keep checking back. Once we know more about what this season is all about, we’ll let you know!