Last week on ‘True Blood’, we finally saw the return of Russell Edgington as Sookie leads the vampires, Bill and Eric, down an abandoned asylum to him. Tara was almost taken under the wing of Jessica, until she went and used Hoyt as food. LaFayette begged for help from Jesus, but only to see him headless with his mouth sewn shut on his coffee table. Jason deals further with the death of his parents, and Terry deals with the deaths of the citizens of Iraq. Sam and Luna are shot in front of Luna’s house, while Emma changes and runs away. What will happen this week? There are spoilers ahead, so beware if you haven’t watched it yet!

Alcide is pulled away by another wolf, one of Russells own. Eric and Bill go to fight off the wolves while Russell goes after Sookie, who uses her power to fight him off. Eric goes to kill Russell, but Bill holds a stake to his back talking him out of killing him. Before any more action is taken, the Authority comes in with guns on Russell, stating they will take over from there.

Jessica and Tara continue fighting, bringing it out into Fangtasia. Pam breaks it up, pulling Tara into the back room. Jessica wipes her face and walks away. Pam tells Tara she’s proud of her fighting in the way a human is proud of a well trained dog.

Terry and Patrick are confronted with the fire demon.

Russell fights the Authority about Lilith, telling them they are worse than humans and that they could be praying to leprochauns. Bill and Eric fight for Alcide and Sookie to be left alone, lying to cover for them, and pretending to glamour them. Eric heals Alcide, glamouring him to always protect Sookie but never have a romantic relationship with her, and Sookie pretends to be glamoured by Bill, who says they have never met. The Authority goes to the prisoners to find out who was the one who let them do this to them, who brought back Russell.

Luna and Sam are rushed to the hospital, while Emma runs to her grandmother for protection.

Jessica nurses her blood at Fangtasia, while Hoyt takes a seat in front of her. He thinks that she still has feelings for him. Jessica calls him pathetic, telling him they are over and that it will never happen. Hoyt offers her something that makes her run, quickly.

Sookie cries in the truck while Alcide drives her back home. The Authority take Bill and Eric back, faking religon, Bill stating just to cover himself. After they are driven away, the Authority then murders all the civilians involved.

Jason sleeps on the couch, seeing his Father in front of him. Talking to him about how being called Champ made him feel like his father was proud of him. He swears to him that he will kill the vampire who tore their family apart. Father begins to tell him that the only thing he needs to fear, but before he finishes the thought Jason wakes up.

Alcide wakes up in Sookie’s bed. He comes downstairs, where Sookie offers him coffee. She tells him that she’s not okay, not even a little. The last thing Alcide remembers is his romantic tryst with her, but is glad to know they didn’t actually sleep together. Sookie then removes the glamour from Alcide, knowing that Eric messed with his memory. Alcide rages, leaving Sookie alone.

Sam goes to see Luna, after fighting with the nurses. He calms her down, telling her that Emma got away. Before they talk more, Emma runs in. Luna talks tersely with Martha, but she gives in to Martha after she promises to keep Emma safe while they try to find out who is after Shifters.

Terry jumps out of the truck trying to run away from Patrick. Terry runs, but is tackled by Patrick. We are flashed back to the night where Terry killed the woman who cursed them. Terry reminds him that they are dead men for what they did. Terry talks about how things were too good to be true, with Arlene, the kids and Mikey. He walks away from Patrick.

LaFayette goes to see his mother, who was brought in to emergency. She tells him that Jesus isn’t okay. He’s in trouble, talking about Don Bartolo. But she doesn’t know how she knows all of this stuff, but she calls it the electricity. She tells him to go save Jesus, that he loves him.

Arlene talks to Holly about Terry, they end that when Sookie approaches. They complain about hangovers and men when Jason pulls Sookie away. Jason tells her of Hadley and the fairies, but Sookie tells him the opposite of what Hadley says.

Sam tries to tell Andy about the shooters and how it is a hate crime. Andy doesn’t believe him, but Sam argues that he has special gifts that can help out with the finding of the shifter killers. Andy tells him he can’t condone vigilante justice, but Sam tells him he’ll do it without the consent of the law. While that is going on, Alcide goes to confront JD, one of Russell’s wolves. He tells the pack of JD drinking vampire blood. Alcide tells him he wants the pack, since JD has taken on the pack and become packmaster. Alcide doesn’t have a second, until one of the girls take it on.

Bill and Eric return to the Authority,  where they are met with congratulations from the Council. Molly removes their devices, while they ask the Authority if they know who released Russell. They are informed that Nora revealed her connections while they were gone. Russell has been silvered introveneously. Before Salome can slip away, Roman graciously gives them an 18th century blood, thanking them for their work of finding Russell. They speak of their religion, Eric bringing out that he’s not a religious person. Roman then addresses the Authority that Russell is to be executed, that they are at war. Eric then requests that he meets with Nora in her cell, which Roman says is fine as long as he is at the execution, happening that night.

Terry comes back to talk to Arlene at Merlottes. Terry is quiet, and Arlene begs him that she wants to help him. Terry tells her about the curse. He then tells her he needs to leave her and the kids, that he needs to pay for his sins, he doesn’t want to bring her and the kids down with him. Arlene blames Terry’s lack of meds, but he cuts her off, telling her that she and the kids will die if he stays with her. Arlene, crying, steps away, tells him that he needs to go. He kisses her forhead, wishing things would turn out better, as he leaves through the back door.

Andy goes to the vampire hunter shop. He talks to the man behind the counter, Junior. Junior gives a lot of weird vibes, especially about the murder of supernatural beings. Junior goes to grab a gun to kill Andy, but Sam, who had come in behind Andy, shoots an arrow into Juniors chest before he can fire the weapon. Andy thanks Sam for his work, Sam telling him about his powers.

Sookie and Jason go to find the Fairy Nightclub. Sookie is sucked into the dimension with Jason soon following. Sookie admires the fairies around her, running into Hadley. Sookie and Hadley argue about vampires but are interrupted by a fairy running up and hugging Sookie. Confused, he explains that he had helped her escape the fairy world before.

Hoyt is being fed on behind Fangtasia when the supes terrorists kill the vampire feeding on him. They realize who he is, pulling them into the van.
Claude and Hadley argue over if they should tell them the truth about Sookie and Jason’s parents. We are flashed back to their death, although we don’t know their face. Sookie in anger goes to use her powers against Claude, but is zapped before anything can happen.

Russell is being brought forward to his death, to Nora’s happiness. She thanks Lilith. Eric stares in disbelief at his sister. Russell curses everything that Roman says, it’s all about his power. Roman fights back telling him it is about order instead of chaos. It is about peace. Right as he goes to trigger Russells death, the mechanic fails. Russell turns the fight around, staking Roman, telling him “Peace is for Pu**ys”. In her cell, Nora leans back, saying “Praise her”

I’m happy that Russell wasn’t executed right away. I didn’t think it would happen, because it would be silly to bring all this hype around the character to kill him right away, but with how Nora was speaking about how it was the beginning of the future it could have been something interesting.

This episode made up for last weeks, making me excited for next week. The return of Russell is one that I haven’t been hiding at all, with this episode means that he will be back in power. Hopefully, at least.

Are you excited that Russell is back? What did you think of this weeks episode?