Here there be SPOILERS

Maester Luwin is frantically locking himself in a room then runs to write a letter. You can hear sounds of battle outside the door. Greyjoy has taken Winterfell! (Theon, you are a spineless WUSS! I think I may hate you as much as I hate Baelish!) He orders Bran, a defenseless boy, to yield and call him Lord of Winterfell. He then commands Maester Luwin to send ravens to his father and sister ordering them to bring 500 soldiers to Winterfell. Osha steps forward wanting to serve Greyjoy as a soldier. He laughs in her face. She admits to Bran that it’s his dream come true – the ocean’s come to swallow Winterfell and she won’t let it take her too. Now they’ve captured Ser Rodrick. The second part of Bran’s dream comes true. Rodrick’s head falls at the hand of Theon Greyjoy, but not easily. (That’s what happens when you leave a castle unguarded during war.)

Beyond the wall – Lord Corwin tries to teach Jon the ways of the North. The wildlings sleep during the day and hunt at night. The men of the Night watch can’t do that. They aren’t of the wild.

In Harrenhal – Lord Tywin is not having a very good day. One of his banner men sent a missive to the wrong lord; a lord on the side of the Starks.  The banner man is reprimanded and dismissed. (Strange that his not gutted or some other way “punished”) Baelish pays Tywin a visit. Tywin clears the room but has Arya stay to clean the mess. Will Baelish recognize Arya?!?! She tries her best to not let him see her face but get’s his full attention when she spills wine on him. (Way to go Arya – NOT). Baelish updates Tywin on the Renly camp and House Tyrell.

Beyond the wall – the Night’s Watch rangers have reached the wildling camp. All are killed but one – a girl, Ygritte. She keeps warning them to burn the bodies. (Because they’ll return as White Walkers or because the northern army will see?) Lord Corwin finds only problems in keeping her alive. Jon volunteers to kill her.  Our Jon has a heart like his father – he strikes the rock instead of killing her. She escapes and Jon goes after her. He catches her but the suns going down. Choices Jon – what do you do now?

In King’s Landing – Myrcella, Cersei’s daughter, is being shipped off to marry.  (Was it ever truly decided whom she’d wed?) Cersei tries to bite back at Tyrion with threats of taking his love one day.  Joffrey decides to take a stroll through the city but is met by sneers and jibes of “bastard!” His guard can’t save him from the sting of words. Nor can it protect him from flying cow pies. At least Tyrion has the sense to realize this crowd’s going to get ugly and sends the young prince back. The starving people of King’s Landing become a violent mob and attack.  Joffrey’s taken to safety but Poor Sansa is separated from the group.  Once safely behind locked doors Joffrey spouts “KILL THEM ALL!” Tyrion brings him down to size with one hard smack to the face. (I think Tyrion likes being able to smack Joffrey. He’s really the only one close enough for him to reach and he’s doing what WE ALL want to do to Joffrey!)  Sansa is cornered in a dark alley by a group of angry town folk but before they can do the nasty she’s saved by the Dog. (Oh thank the gods! I don’t think I could handle her being hurt.)

In Qarth – Daenerys waits impatiently for the spice King.  Xaro continues his attempts at flattering Daenny into marrying him. It’s still not working. Daenny attempts to acquire ships from the spice King. He’s REALLY not impressed with her claims. He doesn’t believe she has a leg to stand on in reclaiming the throne. She pulls the mother of dragons card but the spice King thinks only in dollars and she has none.

In Harrenhal – Tywin shows a softer side. He asks Arya where she learned to read then asks of her father. Even when her words drip venom he does nothing to harm her. (Tywin confuses me. How could such evil be born from such a man. He’s not nearly as bad as the rest of his family. Am I being lead into a trap by thinking this?) While he pours his heart out about his own father, Arya steals a paper that speaks of Rob. (Is this a trap? Was the paper left for her to find?) She finds a safe place to read it – the paper talks of Rob’s location. She springs to her feet but runs into the banner man that flubbed the message sending earlier. He sees through her weak excuse and tries to grab her. She’s agile and escapes but he’s off to talk to Tywin. Arya hunts frantically for Jaquen, “The Man,” and foolishly wastes one of her kills.  Upon finding him she blurts the second name and pleads with him to do it “NOW!” He tells her he cannot be rushed. The banner man bursts into Tywin’s hall but falls face first into the floor dead as a stump.

On the battle field – Rob finds his nurse again, Lady Tallesa. The conversation gets a bit awkward but Lady Caitlyn arrives to make it even more awkward.  She reminds Robb that he’s promised to another, a promise that must be kept.

Beyond the wall – Jon tries to make his way through the rocks with Ygritte in tow. She tries to give him pointers on how to survive but he’ll have nothing of it until she suggests they snuggle. (Why in the hell are they sleeping out on a rock in the wind?)

Word has reached Robb and Caitlyn that Winterfell has been taken and Rodrick has been killed.  Robb’s advisor suggests they send men from his hold instead of Robb diverting the army. The Lannisters are on the run. They can’t stop the attack now. Robb agrees and orders them to bring Theon to him alive.

In Winterfell – Osha continues to woo Theon. This time she uses her lady parts. All she wants is her freedom but only if she serves him well. While he sleeps, Osha sneaks away to slit the throat of the guard allowing Hodor to get Bran out of the keep.

In Qarth – Deanery laments that no one will give her ships. Xaro tells her how he rose from poverty to become the richest man in Qarth. As they enter his home they find all of her people slain and her dragons gone. (I think this beautiful city has given Daenny a false sense of security – not to mention her own ego. But who could take out all of those Dothraki warriors?)

The dragons are in a cage on the back of a hooded man walking stairs to a tower. (Are they headed to the tower of the wizards?)

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