Bob Orci must be in sci-fi heaven as two of the big sci-fi movies he’s producing are concurrently filming. One is a little film not titled ‘Star Trek 2/Star Trek 12’ and the other is the kid driven flick ‘Ender’s Game.’ Orci is obviously very proud of this project as he’s set up a blog just for the movie!

What makes this blog wonderful is that it allows fans to follow the production as the project goes through the filming process. So Orci’s posted photos of Ender’s chair, the door to the Battle Room, the cast during Space Camp, Ender’s room,  and now a photo of Ender himself… well, sort of.

Okay, it’s the picture of the back of Ender’s head with a device implanted in the back of his neck. Here’s what the caption says:

Though Ender’s world is one worth saving, it sometimes comes with a price.  The novel was amazingly prescient about a great many things: remote controlled drone wars, the internet, the influence of blogging, hand held computing tablets like the I-Pad, and of course, electronic surveillance implants.  Implanted tracking and monitoring chips are no longer a science fiction concept.  They exist now.  And one day, they may be as advanced as the monitor implanted into Ender, which allows Colonel Graff to “see through his eyes” and know:  HE’S THE ONE.

Although production has already started, fans may have to wait a little longer to see the movie as the release date has been pushed back from March 15, 2013 to November 1, 2013. There hasn’t been any reason given for the move but it does keep it a distance away from the other sci-fi/fantasy films that are scheduled to be released that month (‘Jack and the Giant Killer’, ‘The Host’, ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’ and ‘Oz, Great and Wonderful’ all come out next March).

So what do you think of Ender’s look. If you want to keep up to date with what’s happening with ‘Ender’s Game’, make sure you check out the Ender’s Game blog. And if you missed any of the previous photos, we have them here with the captions from the blog for you below!

“It took us all a second to realize Asa was right when he said Ender’s Game was an amazing book from “the late 1900s.” We use that phrase all the time now, like, “Clinton was President in the late nineteen hundreds!” Most of us read Ender’s Game when we were young and wondered when it would become a movie. We never dreamed then that we would all be part of the team to bring it to the screen, nor did we realize the novel’s description of our world would be so prescient that its vision would still be unfolding before our very eyes today. And now, watching Asa bring a character to life who has been on our minds since our youth, we realize things happen for a reason. We were waiting for him. Make yourself comfortable, Ender!”

“If you think regular school is tough, try it in a rotating space station. And by the way, do you have a hall pass for hall number 0058? Because if you don’t, you could end up scrubbing the showers. When you first arrive at Battle School, all you perceive is its utility, its functionality… that is until you enter the BATTLE ROOM, where there is no up, no down, and ZERO G’s. Movie making can become overly reliant on digital worlds, and nothing can replace a well-built set that you can see and touch and stand in the middle of, fooling you into thinking you are really there. Enjoy this small taste of Ender’s big world. We’ll see a lot more in the weeks to come.”

““Houston, we have a problem. We don’t know how to land the Shuttle.” Good thing it’s just a simulator safely on the ground at SPACE CAMP in Huntsville, Alabama. Aramis, Moises, Asa & Suraj (pictured above from a monitor in the MISSION CONTROL ROOM ) and the rest of our cast agreed that to do Ender’s Game right, they had to train as though they were really headed into ZERO G. And this wasn’t just an afternoon spent taking a vanity tour. From the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), which simulates extra-vehicular shuttle ­missions in Earth’s orbit, to the microgravity training chair that prepared astronauts for moonwalks during the Apollo program, the week at Space Camp was genuine prep for the feeling of reality that this movie deserves. And after all, the army that trains together stays together.”

“The more futuristic the world, the more invisible its technology. So why shouldn’t Ender’s room look just like any normal kid’s room? And not every future is a dark dystopia. The world that Ender lives in is a world worth saving. That’s why he is willing to leave his family to go into an orbiting Battle School and risk not seeing his sister, Valentine, again until they are both adults. That doesn’t mean this world doesn’t have rules. Ender’s parents had to get permission from the state to have a third child, and if Ender ever had any doubt if he was unwanted, his mother and father’s shock at having their son recruited to be a future leader and transferred to space makes it clear to him that they’ve always loved him. They know that when Ender leaves the safety of his home, they will not be able to protect him any longer. We will keep your room for you just as you left it, Ender…”