In ‘Green Lantern Corps’ #6, John Stewart killed a fellow Green Lantern to protect sensitive secrets from falling into the hands of The Keepers. Last issue was a touching tale of the aftermath of that decision as John chose to take Lantern Kirrt’s body back to his family. However, in his official report to the Guardians, John left out the key fact that he killed Kirrt. He let both the Guardians and Kirrt’s family believe that Kirrt died a hero while being tortured for information.

While I understand John’s decision to let his friend keep his dignity in death rather than let it be known that he died a coward, John’s decision is about to come back and bite him this issue. As the issue opens, the Alpha Lanterns are being recalled to their home base. Within their chamber on Oa, the Alpha Lanterns watch footage of John snapping Kirrt’s neck and make the decision that laws must be upheld, regardless of the reasoning behind breaking them. John is to be charged with the murder of another Lantern!

Cut to Guy and John (and a horde of other Lanterns) as they are attempting to bury Sinestro’s power battery on Oa. Throughout the entire procedure, Guy is dead set on having the Sinestro Corps’ main power source so close to their imprisoned soldiers in the sciencells. Guy shocks the rest of his Lantern comrades by deciding that, if the Sinestro battery must be on Oa, it won’t be standing straight up and down in a position of power. To that end, Guy pulls out a giant green hammer and smashes the battery to its side for burial.

Shortly after Guy’s violent outburst at the battery burial site, he gets an official summons to meet with the Guardians. Guy wishes his fellow Lanterns well as he hurries to accept whatever judgement the little blue guys wish to bestow upon him but, whatever else happens, Guy refuses to admit that his decision to knock the battery over was wrong.

Writer Peter Tomasi gave us a nice epilogue last issue that allowed John to put his own demons to rest. Now, out of the events of that last arc, this issue gears things up again and it’s sure to herald a throw-down within the Green Lantern Corps as not everyone is going to agree with the Alphas’ decision to arrest John. Also… there’s a little bit of a secret that Guy is just dying to tell someone after his meeting with the Guardians that is sure to have an effect on the events to come.

Verdict: Buy

Written by PETER J. TOMASI