With the season premiere of ‘Game of Thrones’ mere weeks away on April 1st, fans are chomping at the bit to see their favorite characters on screen again. HBO has released several trailers for the new season, each revealing a little more than the last. The latest trailer titled ‘Price for Our Sins’ gives us some of the same lines we’ve already seen about the small man casting a big shadow but we do get a good look at some new images as well.

As for that small man with the huge shadow, EW recently sat down with the show’s own Tyrion Lannister, Academy Award winning actor Peter Dinklage, to ask his thoughts on the upcoming season.

Here are a few highlights from the EW interview:

Q: What’s been the difference in shooting season 2 versus season 1 so far?
A: The mood generally seems to be much better. We all know each other, we’re like a family. For me, it’s a very different season in terms of Tyrion because season 1, I’m a prisoner half the time, on the road, or being thrown around. And this one, I’m Hand of the King, so I’ve been shooting mainly interior sets, so it’s been a bit more civilized and warmer.

Dinklage chatting with 'Game of Thrones' author George R.R. Martin on set

Q: You still have to shoot the battle scenes, though. Is there anything in particular they’ll have you doing for those?
A: For all those people who were disappointed that you didn’t see the battle last season, they will be pleasantly surprised that I do engage in a serious battle this year. I think that was a brilliant way of dealing with my character [last season], ’cause he’s not a fighter. He’s sort of more of an intellectual. I thought that was great. But this season, for all the people who miss battles, we definitely will serve them up.

Q: Are you still going from script to script instead of reading the books?
A: I read the first book and then I stopped because I really am picturing people I know as the characters and I’d rather — no offense to them — but I’d rather come up with my own characters in my head. Like I could never read a book after I see the movie version. I’ll just be thinking of the movie and that sort of negates the whole idea of a book. They’re lovely books, but I also don’t want to know too much about my character’s future. I like to know all about his past, but I don’t like to know his future, ’cause I’m afraid I’ll play the end result a bit. The less I know of my future, the better.

Q: Since you’re not reading ahead, it’s not a spoiler to ask: How do you hope your character ends up?
A: He’s been treated very poorly his whole life. So I like to think that he finds happiness. He deserves it.

For the rest of the interview with Mr. Dinklage, check out Entertainment Weekly.

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