Last week on ‘Once Upon A Time’ we finally got the story of Ruby, our favorite sassy waitress of Storybrooke. We were previewed a little into this week, seeing the dark side of our beloved Snow White, who has taken a potion to forget the handsome Prince “Charming” James.

While I didn’t feel like the reveal at the end of the episode was a shocking one, I thought it was a nice break to get away from the constant bickering of Emma and Regina. With Season 1 still having 7 episodes left this season, what are you wanting to see happen? I personally want to see the fighting die down a little, and get more into the Story Time stories. It seems that things have shifted more into the real world, when the big question is What did Snow White do for the Evil Queen to be so vengeful towards her? Maybe tonight we’ll get some answers!

Story Time

A flaming arrow flies towards the camp of Red and James, who are searching for Snow White. King George’s army has found them. Red tells James to go, noticing the moon is full she says she will buy him some time, while taking off the red hood. James rides off as Red transforms.

Back in the cottage, Snow sings to some birds that have come into the home. One lands close to her… and she smashes it with a broom. She continually swats at the animals lining the cottage. Grumpy comes in, telling her to stop. Snow replies that she is killing the vermin in the house. Grumpy requests that she comes with him to the dining room, that they have made something special for dinner. Walking in, Jiminy Cricket flies into her face. She tries to kill him, but upon realizing he can talk she stops. The dwarves stage an intervention. Grumpy tells her that she’s irritable and difficult to get along with, Sneezy confronts her about bringing hay bales into the cottage and Happy gets angry about the mug she broke. Snow decides then she is going to take her anger out on the one who deserves it: The Evil Queen. She decides then and there she is going to kill her.

That night, Snow takes out a rider. She asks him about the Queen, her whereabouts and what he can tell Snow about her. At first he refuses but, after being convinced with one of the dwarves diamond mining tools, he tells her the queen will be  in motion in the following days. As she robs the rider, Grumpy steps out of the woods, trying to dissuade her from doing evil things. He tells Snow he is taking her to see Rumplestiltskin, to reverse the potion. He is the most powerful man in the world, he can do anything. Later on, James finds the rider naked and wandering the woods. The rider tells him about Snow, which he doesn’t believe. But he takes his word on finding her with Rumplestiltskin, and heads in that direction.

Grumpy talks to Rumplestiltskin about Snow. There is no love in her heart, which Rumplestiltskin tells him “No potion can bring back true love”. He has never been able to bottle it. Snow then cuts off Grumpy, telling Rumplestiltskin that she wants his help in killing the Queen. He gives her a bow and arrow, telling her “It always finds its target!” Grumpy leaves Snow then, stating he wanted nothing to do with it. Rumplestiltskin doesn’t ask for anything in return, stating that he is “invested in her future”. Not long after Snow leaves, James arrives searching for her. Rumplestiltskin warns him that King George is vengeful. James ignores that, and tells him to undo the potion on Snow. He knows that True Love can break any spell. For Snow’s whereabouts, James must give up his cloak, which he does. Rumplestiltskin gives him a map, telling him exactly where Snow will be. He does warn James though “If she kills the Queen, she becomes as evil as the person she kills.” He also believes that “evil isn’t born, it’s made”.

In the woods, Snow tests the bows strength. Before anything can be done though, James ambushes her from behind, kissing her passionately. Confused, Snow asks who he is, and then knocks him out. As he is unconscious, Snow ties him to a tree. When he awakens, he begs Snow to not kill the Queen to not go through with it.  She walks away. He’s not alone very long though, as Jiminy arrives. He bites through the ropes, setting James free. He tells James that Snow is not going to remember who he is, until she remembers who she is. Knowing this, James jumps in front of the arrow that Snow fires at the Queen, hitting his shoulder. He kisses her again, after telling her he would die for her, she begins to remember. As the happy reunion begins, it also ends as King George’s army finds them. Snow is shoved away as James is put into a moving prison. Snow swears she will find him.

Snow then returns to the dwarves, asking forgiveness. She brings Happy a new mug as an apology, telling him “Its the only thing I broke that I can replace.” Grumpy realizes that she has returned to normal. They talk about James, deciding that the dwarves will help in the rescue.

Rumplestiltskin picks a hair off the cloak of James, putting it in the same vial as Snow’s hair. A mist forms in the bottle, as he smiles and puts it on the shelf. He successfully bottled True Love.

Real Time

Emma photographs Mary for her mug shots. Emma doesn’t believe that Mary killed Katheryn, but she does have to play by the rules with her job. Mary swears that she will never hurt anyone. Emma tells her that she has to ask her some questions. Surprising Mary, Regina is in the room for questioning. Emma explains that Regina believes that Emma is too emotionally invested in this case, so to make sure things are done correctly she is sitting in on the questioning. Mary expresses that it is fine, she has nothing to hide. Emma pulls out the box that the heart was found in, which to Mary’s surprise is her jewelry box. Regina holds Mary’s hand, telling her that everyone has a dark side, that it’s okay. Emma tells Regina she wants to speak with her in the hall. In another argument, Emma tells Regina to stay out of the questioning, she’s there to observe, but Regina reminds her that there have been no signs of a break in. “She is a woman that has had her heart broken and that can make you do unspeakable things.”

Emma returns to the apartment she shares with Mary to check for break in. Henry skips school to help. He says that Regina has motive because she hates Snow White. Emma wishes that was enough to hold up in court. Laying on Mary’s bed, she hears a rattling coming from the heating vent. Opening it, she finds a hunters knife inside, the weapon that is being said was used in the murder.

Ruby gives Henry a mug of hot chocolate. August comes up to Henry to talk to him. He tells him that Henry’s answers aren’t in the bottom of the mug. August tells him he thinks Henry’s book isn’t just a book, but he thinks the book is of Story Time. He says he’s come to make people believe, more specifically make Emma believe. He tells Henry that someone like Emma can’t go off of blind faith like they can, but needs proof.

David decides to go to Regina about Mary. Regina tells him that everyone has a dark side, “Evil isn’t born, it’s made.” She asks David if Mary didn’t do it, who did? David then accuses himself, blaming the blackouts. Regina tells him not to, that evil doesn’t always look evil. David then goes to Archie about his blackouts. Back in the sheriffs office, Emma tells Mary she recommends getting a lawyer. As if on cue, Mr. Gold comes up behind Emma, offering himself as Mary’s lawyer. After a bit of a tussle, Mary decides to ask Emma to leave, and hires Mr. Gold as her attorney. She tells him she doesn’t have any money, but he tells her he isn’t looking for money because he is “invested in her future.”

Henry finds the ring of keys in Regina’s office. He shows them to Emma, telling her that he thinks Regina used the keys to get into their apartment to steal the jewelry box and plant the hunting knife. Emma has a hard time believing that, until Henry uses one of the keys to open the door. Meanwhile, back in Archie’s office, David goes under hypnosis to remember what happens in the blackouts. It is revealed that he did talk to Katheryn, but then he starts flashing to Story Time, where he is telling Snow to not murder her (her meaning the Queen). David runs out, before telling Archie what he saw. He goes to talk to Mary, telling her of the visions. Hurt at his accusations that she killed Katheryn, Mary tells him to get out.

Not long after the confrontation, Mary makes her bed in her cell. Something falls to the floor under the bed, and when Mary reaches out she finds a key. She tries the lock on the cell door, finding that it opens. When Emma walks in, she hides the key from her. Emma tells her that the heart DNA was Katheryn’s. She tells Mary that she’s sorry for everything, and that she knows that Mary is being framed. Emma has to do things right though, because Regina has been a step ahead each time that Emma has gone up against her. She promises not to stop until Regina gets whats coming for her. Mary promises her faith in Emma. Afterwards, Emma approaches Mr. Gold for help, promising to go further than ever to prove she is right. While that is going on, Mary leaves her cell.

So this week we got more of Story Time, which I am happy with. The murder of Katheryn is interesting, and should make the next few episodes a little more interesting. In previews for next week it looks like we are going to venture into Wonderland, with a story of The Mad Hatter. Will this stall the current story line from moving? I hope not!

What did you think of this weeks episode? How would you change things? Do you prefer the Story Time or Real Time story lines?

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