‘True Blood’ actor Sam Trammell who plays “Sam Marlotte” on the series recently talked to fans via an HBO live chat. During the hour-long event, Trammell discussed the show, his character and his cohorts. The actor turned shape-shifter was certainly affable, and seemed much like the character he plays on the series.

When asked about the third season taking his character on a bit of the dark side and whether it might envelope the character, Trammell had this to say. “I don’t think so . . . Sam’s working through his issues. He’s grown a lot as a person since killing those two people. This struggle and growth is interesting to play and hopefully watch.”

The actor is also enjoying his new love interest on the show, “Luna” played by Janina Gavankar, “Janina is an exceptional actress and fun and funny–so I love working with her–and I think Luna is good for Sam right now (she’s not leading him to be staked in the heart at least).” As far as his character ever finding true love on the show, “I think I’ll get close . . . I don’t know.”

Regarding his growing family of characters on the series Trammell had this to say about his relationship with his brother “Tommy” played by Marshall Allman. “There could quite possibly be hell to pay . . . that’s all I’m saying.”

When asked if he was anything like his character on ‘True Blood’, he stated “I think so, a little bit. One of Alan Ball’s (executive producer) great talents is casting. We all have some part of ourselves that’s like our characters.”

Trammell also showed his humorous side while chatting with fans. When asked “What has been your favourite experience while filming True Blood?” Trammell’s response,”It’s been great to be in Louisiana filming, especially season 1 running naked in the woods near Doyline where a lot of my family is from.” Continuing on a similar theme, he was asked “Are you ever gonna wear anything other than flannel shirts?” His response,”Probably not. It seems to be that or nothing at all.”

Regarding the books, the actor was asked “Did you like the books?” and he responded “I’ve read the first four books–yes. Charlaine Harris [is] a blast to hang with–smart, savy and likes to laugh.”

When asked how long he sees ‘True Blood’ continuing because there are 11 books in the series, the actor coyly responds “I know. No idea. I can say we’re all really happy, so we’ll see . . . ”

With 11 novels already in print, there’s certainly enough stories to last the series for many years to come.