Welcome back to the Warehouse Kids! Watch your step, and don’t touch the bombs!

Tonight’s episode starts off with poor Artie trying to recapture the escaped scarab artifact from last weeks episode -thanks Claudia. The not so new guy, Steve Jinks, and Claudia are looking for a Civil War era flask… at a war reenactment. Good luck guys! (You’re gonna NEED it).

In quite possibly the most awkward moment in Warehouse history, Pete’s ex-Wife Amanda (‘Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan) shows up. She meets Myka, and when Pete walks in, well, it’s awkward.

While Amanda is alone, we see a strange bee hive shaped object that she inadvertently initializes, and it’s inner workings jump to life like a very complicated Swiss time piece. She delivers a lost treasure to Pete in the form of a first edition comic book, which makes Pete very happy.

The artifact opens and a tiny mechanical bee emerges. The “hive” shaped object with Egyptian hieroglyphs is an artifact recovered from Warehouse 2. For those viewers just joining us, Warehouse 2 is really, REALLY OLD.

According to Artie, this artifact is very likely dangerous and deadly. Which is different how, Artie? The team, while searching for the missing insect discovers that it did indeed fall into Amanda’s handbag.

Claudia and Jinks, hmmmm… let’s call them, “Team Claudinks,” are still combing the war torn battlefield in search of a soldier that should be taking the fighting a bit too seriously thanks to the flask artifact.

Back to Amanda, who showed up at the Warehouse not to simply deliver Pete a treasured part of his past, but to pick up a part of hers in the form of an heirloom. Aside from the fact that she’s getting remarried, it was a nice little visit.

Pete and Myka trek to the Poconos to prevent the artifact from causing any trouble. Needless to say, it is a dismal failure. The bee leaves it’s stinger in Amanda’s finger, which causes her wedding party to “swarm” around her in devout and uncompromising  protection.

Meanwhile, back on the front lines, “Team Claudinks” dons uniforms in order to blend in and locate the artifact. The soldier attacks Jinks with a bayonett  and is thwarted by Claudia in a period style dress and wig. Using her new toy, she “mini tesla’s” the man, recovering the artifact and saving the day.

Jinks reveals that Claudia reminds him of his sister, as she was constantly saving him. When Claudia starts asking details about her Steve tells her that she had passed away. Claudia is obviously upset by this.

The wedding goes on, Pete says his goodbyes, and they all live happily ever after… until the next artifact shows up, and the Wicked Witch tries to get her hands on those ruby slippers!

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