Phase 2 of the Astraeus project is well underway. After whittling down the hundreds of candidates, the survivors must now go through physical training under the supervision of Jo doing her best R. Lee Ermey. Zane, even though it is established that his criminal record disqualifies him from being in Astraeus, is doing his best to show up all of the other candidates while also trying to impress Jo. Dr. Parish, also having made the cut, is starting up a rivalry with Fargo for Holly’s affections.

If all these scientists going through boot camp wasn’t strange enough, Eureka’s only bank gets robbed. And when there is a bank robbery in Eureka, it’s the bank itself that disappears. Or, in this bank’s case, mysteriously begins to levitate. Since the bank only has deposit boxes, the unique items that the people of Eureka have – like an antique Higgs Field Destabilizer and Grandma’s antimatter – tend to create all sorts of chaos when mixed. The bank is only the first part of an epidemic of levitation throughout the entire town. What makes this one so much fun is that, after four years, we finally have an episode that actually features the image from the opening credits that shows Carter standing in front of a town that is floating away.

Aside from the levitating town, the plot also thickens with Allison’s neural implants. She begins losing periods of time, and finding herself in places she can’t remember getting to, and hearing the tail ends of conversations she can’t remember having. Attributing it to stress, she doesn’t think much of it until she gives herself a brain scan and discovers the implants for herself. Sadly, it is too late. Beverly is using the implants to take over Allison and use her as a puppet to infiltrate GD more deeply than ever.

I personally can’t say enough good things about Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton in this cast. Day’s hilariously adorable Holly just lights up the screen whenever she appears, and Wheaton’s Parish is the perfect foil to Fargo. His own blasé attitude toward any sort of dangerous situation is so much fun.

The climax of this episode features the tried and true situation of Carter being put in harm’s way, while screaming over the phone at the techs who are supporting him to use less techno-babble and just tell him what he needs to do in plain English. This episode was classic “Eureka,” and it’s still as fresh and fun as it has ever been.

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