Lucifer: They're Back, Aren't They?

“If you can be redeemed, that means anyone can. Now isn’t that divine?”

Back from the four-month hiatus and picking up where we left off in the season two finale, Lucifer returns…with a couple added accouterments to his person.

Before we get into the Season Three premiere, a quick primer for the final run of last season: If you’ll recall, the final quintet of episodes was an adventurous yet extremely uneven romp where Lucifer got ‘married’, met a remnant of God, discovered the key needed to open the Pearly Gates, and opened a pocket universe for his mother to roam and create. Chloe’s near-death prior to these events is the impetus for many of Lucifer’s actions, including the decision to finally show her proof of his true identity. We know how that turned out, which leads us to the now…

The dynamic duo is back…and Chloe still doesn’t know the truth.

Despite having his shiny new wings, Lucifer deigns to hitch a ride back to LA, it’s one of the several instances of head-scratching behavior from our titular character which begs the question, is this bad writing or are we seeing a character whose folding under the pressures of the unknown?  It’s easy to think the former, especially considering the failing quality of last season’s endings but, and this is a welcome surprise, I’d side with the latter here. Sure, there still are a few head-scratching moments but even those eventually pay off.

Case in point, after taking time to investigate the procedural aspect of the episode—more on that later—Lucifer finally decides to unmask himself to Chloe in the most literal sense. The fact that he does so at the police station questions his foresight but it doesn’t matter as that horrific devil face that has frightened more than a few persons, is nowhere to be found. Not only has he regained wings—wings that unexpectedly grow back even after he snips them off—but he has lost the physical manifestation of his title as Hell’s ruler. Anyone else would be over the moon for such a change in fortune but, of course, Lucifer only sees it as “dear old Dad’s” need for control over everything and everyone. Something tells me that Lucifer’s biased assertions are looking over something much bigger hovering in the background.

Lucifer: They're Back, Aren't They?
It looks as if Lucifer has met his verbal equal in Welling’s Lt. Pierce.

Speaking of background, it’s about time we get into the procedural aspects of the show. I must admit that, more often than not, this portion of the show is the least interesting of the episode hour, both for its flow and relevance to the supernatural bits of Lucifer. While the murder investigation here—the body of a club owner found right where Lucifer wakes up, wings out—while initially offering nothing out of the ordinary, we do get two very important additions to the series. The first in the precinct’s new lieutenant, Marcus Pierce, played by Smallville’s very own Tom Welling: he’s handsome, well-liked, intelligent, and direct—unafraid to say exactly what’s on his mind. That last characteristic plays for some good interactions. Not only does he throw Chloe off-balance, but his thorough emasculation of Dan comes in second only to Lt Pierce’s back and forth riposte with Lucifer. Their verbal sparring is a highlight of the hour and position’s Pierce as a man who can handle himself even against the silver-tongued devil.

While Pierce may or may not be more than he seems, what we can say is that the identity of this Sinner Man—the one responsible for kidnapping Lucifer in the first place—will be a background mystery for the first half of the season, one that, if used correctly, may spice up the somewhat bland (however necessary) procedural.

Are mine eyes deceiving me or did Ella and Amenadiel get in a bit of bonding?

Despite some rough-around-the-edges narrative points, the Season Three premiere offered some fresh wit and posed enough questions to lead us through the first part of the season and perhaps beyond. 


  • Though Maze is noticeably absent from the premiere (due to Lesley-Ann Brandt having her first kid), the rest of our supporting cast is in action with two still dealing with the effects of last season’s finale. Dr. Linda, still recuperating from her own near-death, only has one short scene but it’s an important, albeit fruitless, showing. Though Lucifer feels bad about his family drama nearly killing the good doctor, he taps her to slice and dice his shiny new wings. She obviously rejects his request, adding that he needs to “think this through” before making a rash decision. Of course, Lucifer ignores the advice and goes ahead with the snippage, which begs the question, will he ever stop long enough to listen to another’s advice? Yeah, I don’t think so either…
  • On the celestial front, Amenadiel is still having a rough time coming to grips with his absent powers. The momentary return of said abilities last year was nothing more than a one-time thing. The potential inspiration he gets from Ella’s “if God crushes your nuts” speech (well done, Ella, well done) leads him to the final conversation with Lucifer about the motivation behind the Morningstar receiving his wings once more and the banishment of his devil face. “If you can be redeemed,” Amenadiel says, “that means anyone can.” Though Amenadiel is happy for his brother, his hopes no doubt include the potential for his own redemption. Something tells me that said redemption will be vital going forward as they take on this mysterious ‘Sinner Man’.