SPOILER ALERT: If you are behind on your viewing of ‘Wynonna Earp’, be warned: This article contains SPOILERS for Season 3.  Proceed with caution or turn back now.

Season 3 of ‘Wynonna Earp’ was packed with game-changing shocks, but one of the biggest was the transformation of Doc Holliday into a vampire!  It seems Doc was terrified of dying and allowed his ex-wife, Kate to turn him into an immortal blood-sucker, much to the dismay of Wynonna.  As the S3 finale set up, at the beginning of S4, Doc and Waverly will be off… somewhere on their own, having been teleported away.

Doc’s transformation was an interesting twist, but not all fans loved this new animalistic spin on the character.  Tim Rozon looks back and discusses how much different Vampire Doc is to Ghost Doc or Human Doc.

“At first because I didn’t know how much to play or not play, but it was one of those things at the beginning where I got the vibe that we weren’t going to play it up too much.  But, at the same time, you kind of forget he’s a vampire and then he’s going to have that need for blood and it’s like, ‘Oh yeah! The cowboy is an undead vampire who’s going to need to get blood or else shit is going to hit the fan!’ So yeah, it’s a fun beat.

“As soon as you think you’re understanding which direction a character is going, it’s not going to go that way, and I learned that in Season 3.  You realize the reason he became a vampire was because he was the only one who could suck the poison out of Wynonna at the end [of Season 3], so the arc comes full circle. Just when I think I understand where the arc is going, it goes a complete other way, so even if the season starts off one way, don’t expect it to stay that way.”

‘Wynonna Earp’s fourth season was delayed because production company IDW Entertainment didn’t have enough money.  With that sorted out, filming was again disrupted by COVID-19.  As a result, only six episodes are completed, and those will begin airing this Sunday, July 26.  It hasn’t been announced when the remaining episodes might be ready.

In addition to Rozon, the series stars Melanie Scrofano as Wynonna Earp, Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly Earp, and Katherine Barrell as Sheriff Nicole Haught.


Source: CBR