DC Universe – HBO Max – Warner Brothers

It was just announced at the beginning of July that ‘Harley Quinn’ was following in the footsteps of ‘Doom Patrol’, and would now be shared between original streaming platform DC Universe, and new service HBO Max.  Both are owned by WarnerMedia.  Now, if you subscribe to HBO Max and not DCU and have been wondering when ‘Harley Quinn’ would bring her animated chaos to your screen, the wait is almost over.  HBO Max has announced that the first two seasons of ‘Harley Quinn’ will arrive on August 1.  Both seasons will be released in their entirety.

‘Harley Quinn’ has rather shockingly become DCU’s most buzzed-about show and its appeal has been bolstered TBS airing the first episode, and Syfy running the entire first season.  It’s also available on DVD.  (Usually displayed in the kids section of big box stores’ media departments.  This show is ABSOLUTELY not for kids!)

Not surprisingly, ‘Harley Quinn’ has been renewed for a third batch.  Fans were startled and delighted that, like in the comics, Harley (Kaley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) wound up as a romantic couple on the show.  Showrunner Justin Halpern promises that viewers can look forward to further exploration of this dynamic in S3:

“When we were talking about where a third season could go, the first thing we both said is, ‘We don’t want to do a third season where it feels like the stakes are [whether] Harley and Ivy stay together.’ It’s much more interesting to do a show about how you navigate these very different personalities being in a relationship. And what are the fun things that can come out of that?  What are the outside influences that can make that relationship tough but with the stakes being, ‘Are they going to break up? Are they not?’ So yeah, if there’s a third season, which I hope there will be, the stakes will not be, ‘Are Harley and Ivy going to stay together?’ They’re a couple.”

DCU shared ‘Stargirl’ with The CW and it was recently announced that S2 of that series would only be aired on The CW and would be leaving DCU.  So far, it has not been announced that either ‘Harley Quinn’ or ‘Doom Patrol’ will go exclusively to HBO Max.  (Yet.)

Once again, HBO Max subscribers, ‘Harley Quinn’ S1 and S2 will arrive on August 1.


Source: Comicbook.com