The coronavirus pandemic has thrown all of society for a loop and that includes the world of entertainment.  Many TV shows have had their seasons cut short and had to hastily convert regular episodes into makeshift season finales.  That’s all well and good for most shows, as any dangling plot threads can be picked up next season.  But what about the shows that aren’t coming back?  FOX threw together a finale for ‘Empire’ which just ended after six seasons, but members of the cast and crew have expressed that they hope that the network will allow them to return for a wrap-up movie to give the show a more satisfactory send-off.  And while six seasons is a healthy run for any series, it doesn’t compare to 15!

That’s how many seasons that ‘Supernatural’ has been on the air, and remarkably, its ratings have remained strong the entire time.  While some viewers may have tuned out, others have jumped on board, even though the show has a daunting backstory, allowing the show to consistently place as one of The CW’s top five shows.  It’s also one of the network’s most heavily merchandised, with Hot Topic devoting entire fixtures to tee shirts, blankets, and other swag.

‘Supernatural’ deserves a proper send-off, not just a regular episode repurposed as its grand finale.  Luckily, The CW is sticking to its original plans and the last two episodes will be filmed and aired later this year.  It’s just not clear when that will be.

The CW’s president, Mark Pedowitz, stated:

“We already have five episodes in the can of ‘Supernatural’.  Jared [Padalecki] and Jensen [Ackles] will go back as soon as they are able to to finish up the last two episodes and then Jared will go off to ‘Walker’ [his new CW series, set to premiere in January]. The two studios are in constant communication to make sure that this is a seamless handoff.

“Everybody, the studio, exec producers, Jared, Jensen and Misha [Collins] all want to end 15 years the right way. It is important that these two episodes they are shooting will be done the way they want to do them. We’ll just wait it out. We’re very much attached to this.”

Luckily, it sounds as though the schedule on ‘Walker’ will be flexible and work around ‘Supernatural’.  Though it isn’t clear yet when production on this (and pretty much all other shows) will resume, Pedowitz hopes that the last two episodes will film in late summer or early fall, allowing Padalecki to then go off and start shooting ‘Walker’ in order to make its planned January launch.

Stay tuned for updates!  Are you glad that ‘Supernatural’ remains on track to go out the right way?

Source: Deadline