Ian Somerhalder

Remember ‘V-Wars’, Netflix’s adaptation of Jonathan Mayberry’s IDW comic book, which had cast Ian Somerhalder in the lead, as Doctor Luther Swann?  The series seemed to be on track late last year, but there hasn’t been much chatter about it in quite a while.  But Somerhalder has taken to Instagram to post… something.


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Somerhalder shared a thirst trap picture of himself working out and captioned it with a rambling diatribe that buried a bit of an update on ‘V-Wars’ in the midst of self-help mantras and some stuff about saving the oceans and the evils of plastic.  Perhaps he figured people would be so distracted by the photo that they wouldn’t pay attention to whatever he wrote.

Here is Somerhalder’s message:


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@5ringsbarbell pushing me to the limit to be the strongest and best version of me-thanks brother this partnership means the world to me. Time to kick some major ass. Only some months of post production left on #vwars as @drlutherswannofficial then I’ll get it out the door and onto @netflix for you to see. Hopefully you like it. Lots to do in the ocean space. Too much plastic and degradation. Plastics stand to wipe us out. BUT with DRAWDOWN in agriculture and enough consumer, legislative and corporate behavioral changes we can do this. There are no problems, only solutions. Going to continue talking with amazing game-changing people on our podcast @gregstoneocean . I feel like to get all of this done and be a strong good dad I needed to become a warrior. So, that’s what I’m doing. Time is slipping and we haven’t got much before the tipping point tips the wrong way. Just remember, especially if you have kids you’re leaving this world to… Nature doesn’t need us: WE NEED NATURE. I ask. I beg for ALL of us to… Be strong. Be smart. Be good to the world that is good to you. Love, Ian

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O-kaaaaaaaaaay.  So there are a few more months of post-production left on ‘V-Wars’.  At this point, it sounds as though it might be ready in time for Halloween, which would make the perfect time to release this thriller.

There will be ten episodes of ‘V-Wars’.  In this series, the melting of the polar ice caps releases a disease that turns people into blood-suckers, including Michael Fayne, played by Adrian Holmes, who happens to be the best friend of Somerhalder’s Dr. Swann.  Fayne becomes the leader of the vampires and while Swann struggles to stay alive, he is holding out hope that he can still save his friend from this gruesome fate.

So… stay tuned for updates on ‘V-Wars’ as they become available.