‘The Witcher’ and ‘The Originals’ writer, Beau DeMayo, was tapped to work on a Disney+ series, ‘Moon Knight’ which is part of the expanding roster of Marvel Studios shows coming to the streaming service.  But if he had his way, he’d be working on a different Disney project.

Speaking to, DeMayo revealed:


“I was probably more excited, and this’ll probably get me fired, I was more excited to watch Gargoyles when Disney+ dropped than any other show on there.  I was like, oh, I’m watching Gargoyles as soon as that drops. But that was my stuff growing up. It’s strange, I’m a fanboy and I just go where the winds take me. Because the thing is is like, from an outside perspective, yes, what I do is really cool and awesome. But at the end of the day, it is a job and there are bills to pay. So I’ve just been lucky to land that stuff that pays the bills, that I love.”

DeMayo isn’t alone.  After Disney+ launched last fall, #gargoyles began trending as fans who grew up watching this hit in the ’90s revisited this sophisticated series about magical beings from the past awakening in the present.

‘Gargoyles’ was created by Greg Weisman, who is responsible for some of the best and most beloved-cartoons including ‘The Spectacular Spider-Man’ and ‘Young Justice’.  ‘Young Justice’ had such a passionate fanbase that it was revived for DC Universe, six years after the last episode aired.

In November, Weisman tweeted:

While Disney+ keeps announcing projects no one wants (‘Prince Anders’, a Gaston and LeFou prequel series), the richness of the ‘Gargoyles’ mythos is primed for a continuation, reboot, or remake.  And the complexity of the original animated series would inspire something a bit more substantive.

‘Gargoyles’ lasted for three seasons and 78 episodes, mostly in syndication, although one season aired on ABC.

Would you like to see ‘Gargoyles’ return?  And if so, how?  A movie or series?  Animated or live-action?