Uncut Version Of Gargoyles Is Streaming On Disney+

‘Gargoyles’ has become quite a hot subject lately since the launch of Disney+. If you’re rewatching the hit 90s show you might have noticed some slight differences from when it was syndicated. This is due to Disney+ having the original, completely unedited versions of the animated series.

Originally brought to light by @GregXB, it has been confirmed that the unedited episodes are streamed on the service. FYI, when we say unedited or uncensored, we don’t mean Goliath or any other gargoyles are flying around New York ripping out the hearts of bad guys or using language that would make a mother set a parental block for her child; the classic just had some heavier content when it first aired.

An example of what I mean was inarguably one of the most controversial episodes “Deadly Force,” when Broadway, the clan’s “gentle giant,” accidentally shoots Elisa with a pistol. Have you ever heard the phrase “curiosity killed the cat?” Well, Broadway, never having held a gun before, lets his curiosity get the best of him and he nearly kills Elisa.  The subsequent scene shows blood on the character’s hands and was eventually edited out. At one point, the episode was considered to be a fabled “banned” piece of programming. The service has revealed that there were quite a few occurrences with a surprising amount of blood and other more intense content throughout the show.


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This unedited version of ‘Gargoyles’ hasn’t aired since the mid nineties and prior to Disney+, was only available on the home media releases so anything on DVD, iTunes, Amazon Prime, or any other digital means.

With Disney+’s launch and fans live-tweeting while binge-watching the show, ‘Gargoyles’ creator Greg Weisman, in an attempt to catch the eyes of a Disney executive that’d be able to issue a revival of the show, decided to take to social media to organize the #KeepBingingGargoyles movement.

All three seasons of ‘Gargoyles’ are now streaming on Disney+. If you haven’t signed up for Disney+ yet, you should soon so you can binge-watch all of Disney’s old classic shows.