Future Man
Source: Hulu

On the heels of a zany second season and even zanier second season finale episode, ‘Future Man’ returns with a third and final season, and fans don’t have long to wait to check it out.

Hulu has recently announced that the new episodes of the sci-fi comedy series will premiere on April 3rd.  The show follows the exploits of “average guy” Josh Futterman (Josh Hutcherson), who is surprised to discover that his favorite video game is actually a recruiting program of a resistance movement from the future, and his finally beating the game triggers two warriors from the future, Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson), to travel back in time to the present day in order to recruit him.  Little do the time travelers know that their video-game program isn’t as rigorous (or popular) as they thought, and Josh is no hero.


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In the second season of the show, the trio had believed they were successful in saving the future of mankind but quickly realize that they were mistaken and created an alternate future vastly different from Tiger and Wolf’s original “present.”  After working to attempt to make sense of the new “future history” they created instead, they end up “on trial” for their temporal tampering, at the hands of the sadistic Susan (Seth Rogan).  As you can see from the description of the third season and the trailer below, things get even crazier for our heroes:

Convicted of time crimes and sentenced to death by entertainment, Josh (Josh Hutcherson), Tiger (Eliza Coupe), and Wolf (Derek Wilson) become fugitives, on the run through time, trying desperately to evade capture while clearing their names and fixing the big mess of history they’ve made along the way.


Hulu has not provided details as of yet on how many episodes the third season will contain; the first two seasons featured 13 episodes apiece.

Catch the third season of ‘Future Man’ as it premieres on Hulu on April 3, 2020.