Welcome back Grimmsters to another episode of ‘Grimm’! This week an old high school friend of Hank’s asks him for help in finding his kidnapped daughter while Juliette tries to adjust with the effects of coming out of her coma. And if you’re wondering about the inspiration of this episode, the opening quote comes from the tale ‘The Woman in the Wood’:

Then she began to weep bitterly, and said, “What can a poor girl like me do now?


Jarold Kempfer is at home with his daughter Carly talking about her classes as they clean up after dinner. She tells her dad that she’s heading up to her room to finish an essay. Outside a Coyotl watches the house.

As she starts to get into her pajamas, she sees the reflection of the Coyotl and turns around. Just then another Coyotl goes behind Carly and grabs her. They take her to an old farmhouse and lower her into a well as their leader, Hayden Walker, watches on.

Nick, still shocked that Juliette doesn’t remember who he is, visits her in the hospital bringing her flowers and a laptop. He tries to jog her memory by showing pictures of the two of them together but nothing seems to work. It soon becomes clear that Juliette’s memory loss seems odd as she remembers her life but nothing about him. Juliette becomes agitated as she realizes that she and Nick were very close but she feels nothing for him.

Hank is still paranoid since his encounters with Wesens and is seeing a psychiatrist for his anxiety, jumpiness and sleep problems. He can’t fully explain to her what he’s seen but flashes back to shooting a “suspect” (actually it was a Brinkerhof) at the theater and watching him change back to a human. Hank thinks he may be going crazy and when the psychiatrist tries to bring his focus back, Hank thinks he sees a Wesen and grabs her. Scared, the doctor suggests that they continue to talk more but Hank says he needs to go back to work.

Nick is convinced something is hinky with Juliette’s memory and brings Monroe to the hospital as he was one of the last people Juliette saw before going into the coma. Much to Nick and Monroe’s surprise, Juliette remembers him. Monroe then asks about the dinner the three of them had together but she only remembers having dinner with Monroe alone. All memories of Nick have been erased.

Nick fills Captain Renard in on his investigation of Catherine’s murder. They both play dumb with Nick suggesting that Catherine could be a dealer and Renard acting that he only knows Adelind from when they were on protective detail for her. They agree to look for Adelind to find out how her mother died (like we don’t know ~ and if you don’t know they check out last week’s recap).

Hank comes into the precinct and tells Nick that he thinks he’s lost it and it may be time to turn in his badge. Nick tries to convince him that he’s a good cop and there are explanations for the “things” that have been going on lately and they need to talk. Just then, Sgt. Wu interrupts and tells Hank there is someone there who wants to see him.

It’s Jarod and he’s come to the police station to ask for help to locate his daughter. Jarod proceeds to tell Nick and Hank that Carly has been missing since the night before. As they discuss possible leads, Nick sees Jarold change in to a Coyotl.

Nick heads to Aunt Marie’s trailer and meets Monroe. Monroe fills him in on Coyotls. He describes them as mean, nasty bullies – “street gangs of the Wesen world.”  Monroe tells him that leaving the pack is a big no-no and is surprised Nick may know one who did and lived to tell about it. As they go through the book, they see a passage about Coyolts mating rituals. Apparently, when a female Coyolt turns 17 they are taken to participate in the Aseveracion (a ritual consummation) under a full moon to breed. Nick suspects that’s who kidnapped Carly and why.

Nick heads to back to the station to talk to Jarold as Hank gets some coffee. He tells Jarold that he’s a Grimm and asks about other Coyotls and the Aseveracion.  It then dawns on Jarold that his in-laws were very angry when he left with them in Texas 10 years earlier. Hank tells Jarold that his brother-in-law, Hayden, is no longer in Texas and has moved to Portland.

The detectives head to the garage where Hayden was employed and gets his home address from his employer. When they get there, they find eviscerated half eaten animal parts in the bathroom but no Hayden. Hank finds flyers of the farm house and they head there with Jarold.

At the farm house, the Coyolts prepare Carly for the Aseveracion when one of the members from the pack comes and tells Hayden that the police are looking for him.

When Hank and Nick arrive at the farm house, Hayden and his sons act as they don’t know where she is. Jarold then comes out of the car and demands to know where they are keeping her. Hank and Jarod head to the barn where he sees the ceremonial alter but no Carly. He runs around the farm yelling for her while Hank heads back to Nick to let him know that the motorcycle they saw at the garage is parked in the back of the barn.

As they devise their next plan of action, Nick notices the rope hanging into the well is moving. As they head to the well, Jarold goes and tries to punch Hayden but his sons hold him back. While that is going on, Nick and Hank pull the rope and find Carly pulling her out of the well. Hayden sees that the jig is up starts shooting at Nick, Hank, and Carly.

The three of them head to the barn but Carly is hysterical afraid of what they will do to her and to her dad. Nick tries to calm her down but she soon realizes he’s a Grimm and panic really sets in. She loses control and turns into a Coyotl prompting Hank to pull out his gun. Nick steps in front of Carly to prevent Hank from shooting her. Nick tells him that he saw her change too but right now she’s just his goddaughter Carly. When he moves out of the way, Carly is back to human. Nick desperately tries to convince Hank that he’s not crazy while Carly reveals that Nick is a Grimm.  Nick promises Hank that he’ll explain it all but right now they have to save Jarod and get them all out of there.

Nick tells Hayden to come into the barn. Hank tries to arrest Hayden and give him his Miranda rights. Hayden is unimpressed and turns into a Coyotl. He lunges after Hank who just knocks him down. Carly tells Hayden that Nick is a Grimm as Hank cuffs him.

Nick then tells Carly to scream and run out of the barn. As she does this, the rest of the group head inside to help Hayden. When they get there, Hank and Nick pull their guns on them. Once they realized that Nick was a Grimm, they surrender.

Outside Jarod tries to get away but Kyle won’t let him. Just as he’s about to shoot Jarod, Carly comes up from behind and cold cocks him at the back of the head. Father and daughter are reunited.

Back at the police station, Hank is trying to type out a report and realizes he can’t put down what really happened. Jarod tells Hank that he appreciated what he’s done and Hank tells him that their friendship is still intact even though his is a Wesen.

It’s time to talk to Hank. Nick tries to explain but Hank doesn’t want to hear it. He’s just happy knowing that he’s not seeing things. Either that or he’s not alone in his insanity.

The hospital calls Nick to let him know that Juliette is ready to be discharged and he can pick her up. Nick takes her to their home hoping that she will soon remember who he is. Juliette tells Nick he’s tired and heads to the bedroom alone…

This episode was a great break from the last 2 which were heavily into the story arc. It went back to the basic premise of what a Grimm was and what he does. I was, however, disappointed in the manner Hank was told that Nick was a Grimm. It seemed very nonchalant not having Hank delved deeper into what that all means. After all, if you thought you were losing your mind, wouldn’t you want to know every detail as to what you actually were seeing? That and the fact that Hank seems to be able to see Wesens just like Nick was able to in the beginning (only when the Wesen seems to be emotionally out of control) doesn’t sit right with me right now. Does that mean he could also be a Grimm? Is this a byproduct of the love potion that Adelind gave him?

And what about Juliette? Is her memories of Nick missing because of the cat scratch or because of Renard’s kiss? Living in the house will truly be awkward now between her and Nick.

More questions that will sure to be answered as the season goes on. If you missed last week’s episode, make sure you catch up with ‘The Kiss’ recap here.

(photos courtesy of NBC Grimm)