Grimm Lycanthropia

“The world is full of obvious
Things which nobody by chance
Ever observes.”

There are fillers and then there are episodes like this week’s Grimm — a filler of epic proportions that offers little in the way of forward progress for any of the current story arcs. With that said, there are a few sprinkles of intrigue on what’s to come, particularly the scene just before the fade to black. But first, there’s the strange case of the lycanthrope…

Doyle Baske’s on his way to his mother’s house when a tire blows and he crashes into a tree. Despite the accident, he’s more concerned with the setting sun than his own injuries and barrels through the woods, seemingly on a mission to shelter. But he’s too late and, by the time the full moon rises, two hikers become victims to his monstrous rage.

The gang finds the body of two unfortunate hikers.
The gang finds the body of two unfortunate hikers.

Two nights prior to this, Nick’s hidden the treasure of the Seven Knights in the bricked up room of the safe house. The night of the crash he finally opens up the metal door; it leads to another tunnel that seems to be a few stories deep. He doesn’t get a chance to explore it, however, and eventually finds himself out in the woods the next morning after a trucker nearly runs over an unconscious Doyle. Doyle’s distracted story of being attacked by a man and his dog is a bit sketchy but, with nothing else to go on, they drive Doyle to his mother’s home but need his bloodied shirt as potential evidence. The blood tests show three different blood samples and the gents wonder if a Wesen is involved.

They tap Monrosalee to trace Doyle’s steps and come across the mauled remains of the two hikers. Monroe believes it’s a lycanthrope at work which, in this case, is a disease that only affects Blutbad and during nights of a full moon, make the Wesen an uncontrollable beast. Nick wants to hold Doyle overnight in case he’s the lycanthrope and Renard agrees. When they go to pick him up, Doyle tries to run to no avail. The detectives lock him up and await Monrosalee to arrive with the sedative.

Earlier in the day, Renard meets up with Adalind and tells her about Meisner killing the King and Diana being watched over by the Resistance. She’s not thrilled with her baby’s situation and, after another manifestation of her powers, not so subtly threatens the captain.

It must be Renard’s day for women because he also gets a visit from Rachel Wood. After her call with a mysterious man (I don’t believe it was Lucien) she’s pressuring Renard, warning that he needs “to be on the right side of history.”

Nick and Hank try to track down Doyle's mother.
Nick and Hank try to track down Doyle’s mother.

Not long after locking Doyle up, Nick gets a call from Eve. She meets with him and Hank in the parking garage and gives them the info on Renard’s potential campaign, one obviously started before Andrew Dixon’s murder. They’ll need to question Renard but they get sidetracked by the Doyle case, one that, after he’s bailed out, they realize he’s not the lycanthrope; his mother is.

The entire gang heads back to the Baske home, but it’s too late. Momma Baske is out in the woods and on the prowl. She attacks Wu but Doyle intervenes, trying to stand between his mother and her being harmed. Unfortunately, Nick and Hank gun her down just before she attacks Doyle. It’s a sad ending for Momma Baske and son…but the lycanthrope issue is resolved.

Or is it?

That night, Wu notices a scratch on his leg and, as the full moon shines through his window, the officer is plagued by a feverish sleep.


  • As mentioned, not much happens this week. The main story is pretty meh (what we saw at least) and though there were a few threads to be pulled later, this was primarily a filler. With that said, we may not be done with the lycanthrope mess if Wu’s condition is to be believed. They never really explain if this particular lycanthropy is transmittable but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.
  • Renard’s in all sorts of (potential) trouble. Not only does he have Adalind threatening him but Rachel Wood and her employers are pushing him to run for mayor, deftly reminding the captain of his involvement in the Gallagher information getting out. This doesn’t even count what he’s going to tell Nick and Hank when they approach him about the campaign poster and, more to the point, whether or not he’ll run for mayor.
  • Finally, there’s the newest tunnel behind the safe house door. Nick didn’t get a chance to explore it but what are the odds that something’s lurking down there?