Bo and Kenzi accept their first official case as private investigators as they go undercover to help a mother find her daughter. Also, Bo experiences her first successful sexual encounter, meaning her lover lived to see the dawn.

This is a recap, so there are spoilers.

Bo has her first morning after with a man, a live man. To help her heal, Dyson agreed to have sex with her. She has never woken up to a living lover before. Bo is a succubus, and all of her previous sexual encounters have killed her lovers. Dyson is fine; he is just tired. They flirt; obviously Dyson did not have sex with her out of pity. He had a very good time. Bo asks him if he wants to leave, he says he could go home, but Bo says she still has a headache, and Dyson kisses her. Time for round two.

A young woman runs in the woods. She is being chased. Her pursuer is not seen. She runs deeper into the woods; she almost falls into a deep hole. Her pursuer finds her.

Kenzi walks in on Dyson looking for the toothpaste, and tells him where to find it. She backs out of the room and does a little dance. She knows Bo has had a difficult love life. In the kitchen, Bo and Kenzi have breakfast. Kenzi teases Bo a little and wants Bo to give her details. Bo tries to play it cool. Dyson leaves. Bo puts the dishes in the sink and finds a flier Kenzi made advertising their private investigation business. At first Bo is upset that Kenzi didn’t ask her before Kenzi started promoting a business with claims of over ten years of experience and police references. Kenzi tells her that they are not cut out for regular jobs, and since the business is for people who no one else believes, then this is the perfect way for them to make a living. Bo agrees to meet with a prospective client.

Kenzi and Bo meet with the mother of Gina, a college student. Gina is over 18, so the police are not helping because she has not been gone long enough. Bo wants to know why the mother is so sure Gina is missing. Gina missed her mother’s birthday and an exam. Also Gina wants to be a member of a sorority, and her mother doesn’t think Gina would leave two days before making that happen. Bo and Kenzi will consider taking the case.

They walk and talk about possibly taking the case. Kenzi says that she started running away from home when she was ten, but Bo points out that Gina doesn’t have anything to run away from. Kenzi lists reasons Gina would have to disappear, but Bo relates to searching for family no one will help you find. Bo thinks they should look into the case by starting with the cops.

Bo visits Dyson at the police station. He is amused by her new career. Dyson reminds her that if she pledged to a side, the Fae would provide for her and find her a job. Bo still prefers her freedom. Dyson takes Bo to the file room. He has looked at cold cases and hasn’t found much. Bo asks about the “strange” files. Dyson denies that there are any, but he gives her a file about a woman whose body was found about ten years ago with all of her organs sucked out of her. Bo has one more favor to ask; she needs Dyson’s help to provide her with a cover so she can investigate the campus.

At home, Kenzi has discovered that Gina has not used any of her cards or her cell phone in the past two days. For someone as social as Gina, that is odd. Kenzi thinks that Gina is actually missing. Bo reveals that both of them are going undercover. Bo will be a security guard, and Kenzi will be a Kappa pledge. Kenzi is horrified.

Dressed in pink and wearing a blonde wig, Kenzi feels like her soul is in danger by posing as a sorority sister, but she is willing to venture into the soulless pit for the case.

Underground, Gina is alive. She is next to a pool. A chain is attached to something in the green water. A creature emerges. It is a Fae, a dangerous one. It lunges towards Gina, but she gets away before it can harm her.

At the campus, Bo gets the orientation tour from Wayne, another security guard. He takes down a flier about Gina because the police have not declared her officially missing. Bo objects, but Wayne mentions that keeping the Dean happy is their main goal. In the distance, Dean Peretti hosts a fundraising event for Locksley College.

At the Kappa house, the sorority sisters give Kenzi a tour. They question her pedigree, and Kenzi lies about having a grandmother who was a Kappa. Since they are short a pledge and they believe her story, Kenzi is accepted. On the way to Kenzi’s room, a picture of Peretti is on the wall; she is a Kappa alumnus. Kenzi is given Gina’s bed, and she says she will take Gina’s things to security.

Bo introduces herself to the Dean. Peretti tells Bo that campus security cannot search for Gina until the police officially declare her missing. Bo wants to lead an investigation, but the Dean wants to protect the reputation of the school. Bo touches her leg, using her persuasive seductive powers to get Perretti to share some secrets. Bo kisses her neck, and Peretti tells Bo that a frat boy saw Gina run into the woods. They are rudely interrupted. Peretti doesn’t want Bo to leave, buts she does.

Bo investigates the woods. She sees broken branches and follows the trail to the big hole. Kenzi calls Bo and tells her that the Kappa girls are “crazy” and don’t take rejection well; the Kappa sisters think Gina just abandoned them. Kenzi tells Bo about getting access to Gina’s things and might be able to look around the house more during a party. Bo plans to snoop around the Dean’s office that night. Before she ends the call, Bo tells Kenzi to stop stealing things. It is as though Bo has a sixth sense because Kenzi is trying on someone else’s boots. Bo sees a necklace on the ground. It belongs to Gina.

The girls chug beer at the Kappa party. After Kenzi chugs, her wig slips. She claims to have psoriasis. She excuses herself and slips under a rope barring access to the basement. Kenzi sneaks around in the basement and finds a locked door. The other sisters discover her, and she uses the classic “trying to find the bathroom” excuse. It works.

In the Dean’s office, Bo forces one of the drawers open. Kenzi enters; the party was a bust, so she decided to join Bo. Kenzi recognizes Peretti from a picture on her desk. The regular patrol is early. Wayne looks around, sniffs Peretti’s scarf, and leaves. Bo and Kenzi use the desk as cover, which allows Bo to find an envelope taped under the desk. Inside is a list of student ID numbers. Bo asks Kenzi to find out who the students are.

The next day, Bo is early for her shift; she has plans of the campus. Wayne tells her about someone breaking into the Dean’s office.

Back home, Kenzi found out who the students are. Bo has discovered that there are a series of tunnels under the school. One of the tunnels is under the Kappa house. Kenzi suspects the Kappas are possibly doing something dangerous as part of their initiation, and she is worried because her initiation is that night. Bo plans to have Dyson check the names of the students, and she tells Kenzi that they will have a strategy to deal with her initiation.

Bo meets Dyson at the pub. The Dean did a background check on Bo, but Dyson was able to maintain her cover. Every student on the list is missing; no one reported them missing because the disappearances were not directly connected to the school: cars parked far away, a suicide note, etc. Bo tells him about the tunnels. The female server, Kayla, flirts with Dyson. Bo asks what type of Fae Dyson is. Asking someone’s Fae power is an intimate question because it lets the other know the Fae’s weaknesses. Before Bo leaves, Dyson kisses her, giving her a “hit.”

Trick talks to Dyson downstairs. Trick does not want Dyson to become emotionally tied to Bo. They know more about her than they have told her, and Trick does not want Bo to become so angry at them that she joins the Dark side out for revenge. Trick wants Dyson to keep his guard up and for him to end any possible romantic relationship. Trick exits. Dyson picks up a book.

Bo and Kenzi are in the woods. Bo will search the tunnels. Kenzi is not to enter the basement until she gets a signal from Bo. The Dean watches them from behind a tree.

Dyson looks through books at the pub. He is expecting Bo to check in by 8pm. Kayla continues to flirt with him.

Bo finds the entrance to the underground tunnels locked.

Kenzi wears a hooded robe. She is nervous about the pledge ceremony. The Kappa girls take her to the basement and want her to go through the door. She hesitates and tries to back out of it, but they shove her through the door. Inside is a surprise party. Kenzi was wrong; the Kappas have nothing to do with Gina’s disappearance.

Kenzi calls Bo. Bo is on her way back, but Wayne surprises her and Tasers her. Bo drops her phone.

It is past eight. Dyson is about to leave the pub when he gets a call. He expects the caller to be Bo, but it is Kenzi. He rushes out of the pub.

Kenzi and Dyson find the Dean. She was stabbed in the neck with a letter opener and is dead.

Bo is chained to a rock. Gina is still alive. Wayne found the creature many years ago, and he has kept it, feeding the Fae girls in exchange for vitality. When the Fae kills, the “freshness” of the young girls seeps into the water. Wayne has been drinking the water since 1942, and he has not aged a day. He killed Peretti because she was putting the pieces together and was going to have the caves sealed. Wayne alerts the Fae that dinner is ready and then leaves. Bo tries to get her hands free.

Dyson and Kenzi are in the woods. Dyson takes off his shirt; the only way for him to find Bo is for him to use his Fae ability—he changes into a wolf and takes off. Kenzi thinks this is “awesome.”

Bo gets free. She goes to Gina to protect her. The Fae emerges from the pool, ready to eat. It has stringy hair and a scaly body.

Dyson, in wolf form, finds Wayne. Kenzi, holding Dyson’s clothes, hears Wayne screams.

Bo fights the Fae. It is strong. She uses her Taser, but it doesn’t work. The creature pins Bo to the wall and tries to have Bo for dinner. Suddenly, its top is knocked off by Dyson. The Fae dies; Bo and Gina are safe.

At home, Bo takes a bubble bath. Kenzi enters. The Fae was a Kappa, a scaly-skinned aquatic Fae from Japan. Bo puts on her robe. Dyson will pin everything on Wayne and use some Fae juju on Gina to make sure she only remembers one assailant. Bo enjoyed working with Kenzi on the case; she felt like a team. Kenzi gets Bo to admit that she has feelings for Dyson and advises Bo to tell Dyson how she feels.

Bo goes to the pub. Dyson is in the back—with Kayla. Bo thought there was something between them, and she has a point. Dyson did spend the night (a “hit-and-run” is one thing, spending the night is another). Dyson tells her that he is there for her if she needs help or a healing, but there can be nothing more than that between them. Bo hides her hurt and tells him she understands the status of their relationship. Bo leaves. Dyson and Trick exchange a look.

Bo and Kenzi found clues easily and conveniently in this episode, but that doesn’t bother me. The show knows the rules of television and works within those rules brilliantly. The characters are the reason I enjoy ‘Lost Girl.’ The dialogue is snappy and sexy, and Bo is a character I haven’t seen on TV in years. She is strong, clever, and sexual without regret or neurosis. Bo didn’t cause a scene in the pub when Dyson dumped her. Yes, she was hurt, but she walked away; she didn’t yell, scratch him, key his car or set his apartment on fire. Bo plays by her rules, and she doesn’t apologize for doing so.

My favorite moment of the episode is when Kenzi comes home from the sorority party. Bo remarks about her disheveled appearance and Kenzi replies, “I look like college. For preppies, those girls can hang. It turns out ‘girls night’ was code for ‘drink until your lips fall off and you start oversharing.’ I think I touched a boob.” Solo delivered the lines straight, making the moment authentic. Kenzi realizes that her preconceived notions about sorority girls were mistaken. In one brief moment, we learn more about Kenzi. She is a thief, but her expression suggests that perhaps Kenzi isn’t the wild child she appears to be. This is just one example of how the show’s writers consistently use dialogue to reveal and develop characters as well as deliver information about the plot.

‘Lost Girl’ continues to impress me. It is intriguing, charming, and stimulating, and I appreciate how we are learning more but still have questions. Just what do Dyson and Trick know about Bo? I agree with Trick; Bo will be furious and will possibly wreak havoc upon them for lying to her. And I can’t wait to see what Bo will do.

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