Westworld Season 3

With the premiere of ‘Westworld’ Season 3 only a few short weeks away (March 15th!), fans have been ravenous for new information and new footage from the upcoming season. HBO realizes this hunger hence why “hidden trailers” keep popping up over the internet with the newest ones being found in a viral website called “Incite, Inc.,” a fictional website for a company within the ‘Westworld’ universe.

At this point, we have 4 trailers for the series, the first being the official trailer from HBO with the ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ music at the end that most people have seen thanks to the standard promotion from the network.



Next we have two new trailers (to be clear, a lot of these do have the same visuals, with only a handful of new clips, voice-over, and dialogue, though the music is mostly different in each) called ‘Free Will Is Not Free’ and ‘Your World,’ which maintain the serious tone of the original HBO trailer though they do not have the ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ song in them, even though one of them uses all the same footage from that montage.




The craziest trailer by far is called “When Caleb Met Dolores,’ as it focuses on Aaron Paul’s Caleb character and his relationship with Dolores, teasing the season as a kind of romantic comedy. This is just twisted enough to be kind of hilarious when you see the trailer and see Evan Rachel Wood and Aaron Paul delivering these lines so seriously and nothing like a romantic comedy.



With all of these trailers out there, especially since they were so elaborately “hidden,” it stands to reason that the show may already be dropping hints for the audience. Did you spot something in the footage that may be a clue as to the end game for this season? Could the trailer themselves be part of some bigger puzzle/ clue about the themes for this season? Check them all out again and then feel free to share any insights you may have in the upcoming season in the comments section below!


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