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The new season of ‘Doctor Who’ features the first female Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker and brand new showrunner Chris Chibnall. The premiere set a record for ratings with 8.2 million Whovians tuning in for the first episode, ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth.’ What could be better?

Well, Chibnall wants to top all that by getting famed ‘Harry Potter’ author J.K. Rowling on board. He confirmed at New York Comic Con that Rowling was previously in talks with former ‘Doctor Who’ showrunner Russell T Davies and David Tennant for an episode that never came to fruition. Chibnall still wants to get Rowling on the team, saying:

“If JK Rowling wants to have anything to do with ‘Doctor Who,’ please give her my phone number. I think she is one of our greatest living writers.”

He continued, saying:

“I think ‘Harry Potter’ is an absolute transcendent piece of work and continues to be with the theatre play and with Fantastic Beasts. JK Rowling is a genius and if she ever even wants to see what we do on Doctor Who, you tell her from me, the doors are open.”

While it is unclear whether Rowling will ever come on board, Chibnall already has an A plus team of writers cranking out important story lines for the Doctor to bring to life. Sunday’s upcoming episode will see the Doctor meet with black civil rights champion Rosa Parks when she and her friends are transported to 1950s Alabama.

The episode, written by Malorie Blackman, will put the Doctor and her traveling companions in the middle of racial segregation and the dangers that came along with the volatile time in America.

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