Simon Kinberg to produce Endurance for Netflix
Simon Kinberg – Debby Wong /

Netflix just bet big on a new script and spent nearly seven figures to acquire the rights to ‘Endurance.’ One can only imagine that there must have been a bidding war for the price of the feature film. The script is the first official sale by Dalton Leeb, who is an actor that works in commercials and Nicholas Jacobson-Larson, who is a conductor and composer that is in the middle of a Michael Bublé tour. ‘Endurance’ is the first commercial sale by the two though they made a name for themselves when their script for ‘Strong Man’ ended up on the 2017 Black List. The numbers attached to ‘Endurance’ are more than impressive for their first successful sale. It will also make for how these two interact with future sales as they’ll be required to fire their agents from the current disagreements between the Writers Guild of America and major agencies CAA, WME and UTA.

The reason for this is that the script was grown within CCA.

As to Simon Kinberg‘s involvement, the “X-Men” writer and director is attached to produce through his Genre Films production banner. This is his first venture since having parted ways with Fox once Disney purchased the company. It turns out Kinberg also helped work the script into the final product which was sold.

Kinberg’s involvement is also why I feel a bidding war likely occurred as his last work, ‘Pyros‘, was also involved in one last year.

While the plot for ‘Endurance’ is still a secret, the brief description that has been revealed says that it is “an original concept centering on a strong female lead. It is also has franchise potential.” This description is not at all informative for what the science fiction story will be about.

Are you eager to hear more about ‘Endurance’? Do you feel that Simon Kinberg’s presence will help deliver a solid feature once this is released? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: The Hollywood Reporter