Adain Bradley, Iola Evans, Leo Howard to star in The 100 spinoff
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The CW is working on a backdoor pilot to a spinoff of ‘The 100’ and now we’ve learned that the network has signed on three cast members for the episode. The actors they’ve tapped so far are Iola Evans (‘Carnival Row’), Adain Bradley (‘The Bold and the Beautiful’), and rounding out the initial cast is Leo Howard (‘Why Women Kill’). The backdoor pilot is slated to run during the seventh and final season of ‘The 100’ and transports viewers back 97 years before the first apocalypse.

At this time, showrunner Jason Rothenberg has shared that the new series will be called ‘Anaconda,’ but it isn’t clear if that is just a working title or if it will be changed if the project gets a series order.

Evans is set to play Callie, who is “whip-smart and passionate with a rebellious streak to boot.” Callie was big on causes that she believed in her previous life, “but when the apocalypse devastates the world she had been working so hard to save, Callie must find a new purpose — and future — for all that remains of humanity.”


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As for Bradley, he’ll be playing Callie’s twin brother Reese and is described as “hard-working and headstrong, Reese has spent a lifetime in fierce competition with his beloved sister, Callie. But when the opportunity to finally prove his worth comes with an incredible cost, Reese must figure out what lines he is willing to cross to finally come out on top.”

Finally, Howard will portray August and is described as a “rebellious and passionate musician.” This is a great survival trait for the end of times. He is also “a member of a radical environmental group dedicated to saving the planet by any means necessary. After the apocalypse, he must figure out how to go on when everything he had been fighting for is gone.”

Of the three, Howard is the only one who isn’t guaranteed an ongoing position if the series gets picked up.

Are you looking forward to ‘The 100’ getting a prequel spinoff? Do you think that this new show will be something worth watching? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Deadline