Simon Kinberg Shares Why Dazzler Was Introduced In 'Dark Phoenix'

You almost have to feel bad for any new actors cast in ‘Dark Phoenix‘ with the fact that they’ll likely never reprise their roles, so you have to wonder why the film introduced Dazzler to the current cinematic X-Men universe. Writer and director Simon Kinberg felt quite strongly on including her introduction so now we’re finding out why Halston Sage was asked on for a single film.


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According to Kinberg:

“Well, I mean, honestly? I’m a huge fan, and I love Dazzler. And also, if you remember the Dark Phoenix storyline, she’s obviously a part of the Dark Phoenix Saga as told in the original comic. So I wanted somewhere in there just to have an Easter egg of her, so I felt like it was the right story to do it with, and there was an appropriate scene for her to be singing in, so I brought her into the movie.” “

It is true that Dazzler was introduced way back in ‘The X-Men’ #130 where she helped keep Scott Summers and Jean Grey from being taken by the Hellfire Club. I’m not sure if I would have called her introduction integral to the storyline as parts of her help could have come from another source, but you can’t argue with Kinberg wanting to include a character which he is “a huge fan” of.

You can watch the full interview with Kinberg right here:


Are you glad that Dazzler finally got some live-action screen time in ‘Dark Phoenix’ or was this too little too late for the character to be cast? Do you hope that Marvel Studios will bring back when they reboot the characters? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

‘Dark Phoenix’ is currently in theaters everywhere.


Source: Heroic Hollywood