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Once upon a time in the MCU, Marvel Studios had planned to have an ‘Inhumans’ movie released sometime during phase three of their epic cinematic journey. Wanting to take advantage of that, Marvel Television began hinting around at Inhumans in ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Season 2 and onward, using a number of characters and elements from the ‘Inhuman’ comics in their own series, which seemed to ruffle some feathers over at Marvel Studios (or so the old rumors stated).

So Marvel Studios canceled the ‘Inhumans’ movie and Marvel Television decided to pick up the project, choosing to do a limited TV Series instead of a movie and having it air on ABC, starting with a two-hour pilot which they would also release in IMAX to get people excited for the series. And it was a massive bust. It became clear they did not have the right direction for the series, they lacked the funds to properly do the complicated VFX necessary for these characters and took every shortcut they could to cut out their powers (i.e. using injuries to null one character’s powers, boots to hide another character’s special legs, and even shaving the head of one of the most famous Inhumans, Medusa, so they would not have to do the VFX for her hair, which is her main power). None of it was well received. ABC cancelled the series after one short season, and people were left to wonder if the MCU would ever see proper Inhumans due to this massive misstep.


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Until now that is, as Marvel Studios has swept aside Marvel Television and is bringing new content to Disney+, including a ‘Ms. Marvel’ television series. And since Ms. Marvel gets her powers from being an Inhuman in the comics, people wondered whether the Inhumans would be included in the new series. Now there is even more hope, as thanks to new rumors, it seems Marvel Studios is going to re-introduce the Inhumans in the ‘Ms. Marvel’ series, hopefully bringing new life to that franchise.


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Of course, it might require Marvel to throw out the old ‘Inhumans’ series and claim it is not part of MCU “canon” (or relegate it to some obscure alternate universe once they get their multiverse going), but I do not think people would have too much of a problem with that considering how poorly handled the Inhumans were in that series. And a chance to see them redone by Marvel Studios proper is very exciting, though some fans are nervous that Marvel Studios might also screw up continuity with ‘Agents of SHIELD,’ and thereby relegate that series to “non-Canon” as well, which would be a shame considering how long ‘Agents of SHIELD’ had managed to exist in and around the MCU proper. But of course, we will not know for certain until we actually see what they do with the Inhumans in the ‘Ms. Marvel’ series.

What do you think about Marvel Studios re-introducing the Inhumans? Were you one of the few fans of the original series? Do you think they should try to include any of the actors from the original series? Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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