Anson Mount Speaks Up On The 'Inhumans' Reboot Possibly Joining The MCU

Before ABC gave us a massively misguided take on Marvel’s ‘Inhumans‘ we know that they were planning on being developed by Marvel Studios. Now, rumors have the Inhuman Royal Family set to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ‘Ms. Marvel‘ and Anson Mount is weighing in on that rumor. While the mini-series from ABC failed to impress audiences, Mount gave a decent performance of the central character Black Bolt with the material he had to work with.

As to any possible inclusion of the original cast from the series showing up in the MCU? That seems unlikely with Mount sharing at this last weekend’s Dallas Fan Days:

“People might not know this, but in the sort of Hollywood trades, there’s rumored to be a negotiation going on with Disney+ to reattempt this. And apparently… it’s well-known that Vin [Diesel] has always wanted to play Black Bolt, so there’s some kind of negotiations going on.”

Mount doesn’t appear to be disappointed that he won’t be returning and loves the character enough to want to see more of Black Bolt in any form:

“I really want there to be another shot at the Inhumans, and I want it to be successful because I’d love to watch it. And I think it is the most interesting little corner of the Marvel universe, and I think it just has to be done — it has to have the right home, the right tone, and the right vision overall.”

The actor has long been a fan of Marvel Comics, and Black Bolt is one of his favorite heroes, so being able to play him was a thrill, even if fans didn’t connect with this iteration. As to Mount’s favorite superhero?

“If you’d said ‘Pick your superhero that you want to play,’ that would have been my number two choice. Number one would have been Gambit, and number two would have been Black Bolt.”

As one of the many who didn’t enjoy the version of ‘Inhumans’ that we did get, there is plenty of opportunities here if the characters were done justice. With Marvel Studios in the mix, if a reboot does happen, we can rest safely knowing that they’ll likely get it right. With the cosmic side of Marvel always being a hit, the inclusion of these characters could help expand that side of the franchise.

Would you be open to a return of the ‘Inhumans’ if Marvel Studios has a plan for them? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Comic Book