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The entire “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event is available to stream for free on The CW app, but this may be the last time the whole shebang will be found in one place.  Once the seasons wrap up, the “Crisis” episodes of ‘Arrow’ (which is over), ‘Supergirl’, ‘The Flash’, and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will be on Netflix along with the tie-in episode of ‘Black Lightning’, but ‘Batwoman’ will only be available to stream on HBO Max.  And ‘Legends of Tomorrow’s new season has just kicked, so that won’t hit Netflix for several months.

So if you want all five chapters of “Crisis” or you’re just old school and prefer physical copies of your favorites, there is good news… kind of.  The entire “Crisis” crossover, PLUS bonus features are being issued on one disc.  The extras are:

  • Crisis Past and Present: Kevin Conroy Bat Legend
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Architects Return
  • Crisis Past and Present – Superman vs. Superman
  • Characters in Crisis: Pariah
  • Crisis Management
  • Character in Crisis: The Anti-Monitor

Now, here is the BAD NEWS.  This disc won’t be sold individually.  It will only be included as an extra with the boxed sets of ‘Arrow: The Eighth and Final Season’ Blu-ray and the ‘Arrow: The Complete Series’ Blu-ray.  And that is Blu-ray ONLY, NOT DVD.  If it helps, these sets also include digital copies.

When asked before about a single “Crisis” release, Guggenheim replied:

“I’d love for it to.  Unfortunately, union regulations make it impossible. It’s very frustrating.”

Fans may remember ages ago, the ‘Aquaman’ pilot starring Justin Hartley was also issued on DVD only once, but was packaged as an extra in boxed sets of ‘Smallville’ sold at Best Buy… and that was only in specially marked packages.  I worked retail back then, but I had a Karen moment when the multiple Best Buy associates standing around doing nothing wouldn’t help me find one of these specially marked packages which were in the back and hadn’t put out on the sales floor even though it was Sunday and it was clearly advertised in the Sunday circular!  Obviously one of them finally relented.  *Ahem*  Anyway…


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So if you must own a single physical disc release of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” ‘Arrow: The Eighth and Final Season’ and ‘Arrow: The Complete Series’ will be released on April 28.  The ‘Eighth Season’ set has a SRP of $29.99 (not bad!) while ‘The Complete Series’ will run you $189.99.  Of course, you should be able to find it cheaper, especially if you pre-order.

To be honest, I might not have felt compelled to buy the “Crisis” disc except for the fact that due to licensing rights, the episodes won’t be available to stream in one place, so this is kind of the only way to get it all together.  It’s just more convenient this way.

Will you be picking up an ‘Arrow’ boxed set to get the “Crisis” extra?